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  • Herbert Wassinger

    Keep your livids up. The rebroadcast is a palty response to the spit in the face Obama gives us today. :-(

  • Tyler

    Shady shady shady Obama. I like him, but he’s too worried what people will think if he shows that he likes US.

  • Justin Allen

    I love you, Rachel Maddow. Thanks

  • Bruno

    I’m glad Rachy is on top of these issues now, and I love her and her show, but I wish she’d been a little more vocal before prop 8 passed. It might have made some difference.

  • Dan

    Thanks Rachel – will watch when I can. In the meantime, I am still devastated. I cannot believe Obama stooped so low just for the opportunity to humiliate gay people.

    He could have done nothing, and today would have been ok. But instead he went out of his way to make it clear how worthless we will be in his new world.

    I am devastated. And very very very sad.

  • wondermann

    Ok, seriously, how is Obama humiliating gay people? I think it was a mistake and I don’t think there’s any Scooby Doo mystery to solve. I really think folks are search for stuff that’s not there. Chill out, people

  • Beezer

    Allright, cmon. Look, I love me some Rachel and I have NO criticism of her as an anchor.

    But people…. Obama has enough on his plate at the moment taking care of issues that affect EVERYONE: the economy, international affairs, healthcare.

    Quit being so high maintenance. One thing at a time, y’all.

  • Doug

    This does make you wonder if Obama is going to give us and our cause much national attention or just try and keep us out of the spotlight and in the closet only brought out when he needs us?

  • Get in line...

    For one liberalism is not interested in gay/lesbianism anymore than Obama’s camp gives a crap about it as well. Rachel’s a weak reporter and MSNBC is desperate to win over any audience they can. Morality and following Christian values are the core of what America was built upon. Enjoy your short lived chance to have any voice at all for the racist BHO camp is about to work their magic(BHO preacher man, Lowery) and it won’t be for gay/lesbianism nor for the white majority. It’s ashame that BHO was the only black president that we had to choose from his closet is riddled with thugs and bigots…..

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