Rachel Maddow Performs Her Victory Lap

We’ve generally avoided those year-(and decade-) in-review pieces that usually saturate the media this time of year. But we aren’t knocking anyone who does. Particularly Rachel Maddow, who in the past year has accomplished more as a reporter and pundit that even we could have imagined. And then there’s the little matter of her breaking through a glass closet barrier: Commanding a primetime cable news program, and succeeding at it. Great year, Rach.

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  • JRD

    Dear Miss Maddow,

    I love you. Wanna get gay married the legal way – 1 lez & 1 queer man? I’ll play sports with you and everything. ;-)

    -Jerrold in Los Angeles

    P.S. – Happy New Years Queerty and all of its readership.

  • james_cambridge

    I love her…I don’t watch her or Olbermann enough. They will be among my new year’s resolution.

  • terrwill

    She has more balls than all the Faux News nutbags combined…..

  • merkin

    Sorry, 2009 was the year I fell out of love with Rachel. She’s smart and has integrity, but I find her uncomfortably smug. And her one-sided investigations into only conservative/Republican wrongdoing makes her sound like a Democratic operative.

    There’s plenty of sleaze and misdeeds on both sides of the aisle, and I would sooner trust a journalist who doesn’t play her hand so obviously

  • terrwill

    No. 4 · merkin: Oh, so she should be “fair and balanced”
    like Faux News??

  • RomanHans

    “Smug”? That’s the reason you don’t like a reporter? She exposes stories nobody else does, she alone fights the bad guys, but you don’t like her because she appears self-satisfied?

    Merkin, sweetie, why don’t you just sit there and look pretty, and leave the politics to us men?

  • dvlaries

    I adore her. On election week she worked with Pat Buchanan, and despite obvious philosophical differences, I think Buchanan couldn’t help but like her. She actually made HIM look better, which was something of a miracle.

    I don’t think any female news anchor has warmed me to her like this since Linda Ellerbee was working for NBC.

  • unclemike

    Frankly, with all the incredible and insightful reporting and commentary she does, I don’t think she’s smug enough.

    Go, Rachel, go!

  • benlayvey

    @ Merkin

    She will say [as any Bill O. or Beck would] that she is merely “a Commentator” therefore not liable to the ethical constraints of Journalism.

  • JOHN

    “I’m reading it from your book dude!”…she IS awesome, I wish the world had more Rachels.
    Glad to have her on TV and in this life time.

  • merkin

    I’m willing to debate how open-minded she is, but why is it wrong to complain about Maddow being smug? If she’s just a “commentator” and something of a performer, why can’t I be turned off by her smug delivery? I wouldnt like self-satisfaction coming from anyone, even a personal hero.

  • Perry MacNeil

    John, the “No! I’m reading it from your book, Dude!” line is my favorite Maddowism of all time. Period.

    The fact that Maddow’s investigations into all the nefarious right-wing propaganda haven’t completely turned her off on politics altogether is amazing in itself. Let alone the fact that Rachel still finds stories exposing such nonsense just as incredulous as the rest of us do is reason enough for me to tune in every day. As to her critics? Feel free to watch Fix News, (you do still have a choice!)and enjoy those sour grapes!

  • Sean

    I would go straight for her. She’s awesome.

  • schlukitz

    No. 6 · RomanHans

    And, I’ll just bet that Merkin also believes that Obama will come through for us gays…that is, if Amelia Earhart doesn’t make an appearance first!

  • schlukitz

    No. 7 · dvlaries

    I thought Linda Ellerbee was way cool too.

  • David Ehrenstein

    She OWNs the Uganda “Kill the Gays” story. No one else in the “Mainstream” will go anywhere near it.


    (Merkin has my express permission to crawl back up Rush Limbaugh’s ass.)

  • Peter

    David”’ should that have read “back up Rush Limbaugh’s SMUG ass?

  • Cheryl

    Re: Merkin
    I don’t see her as smug. She’s wicked smart and has a good sense of humor. You’re turned off because she’s able to present obsurdities with a smile? As someone with their own sarcastic streak, it makes me love her even more. I feel like I’m in on the joke. Furthermore, if you think she hasn’t been beating up the Dems, you haven’t been watching.

    Don’t change a thing Rachel, you’re the best!

  • Nick

    Easily one of my favorite people on the planet. Yeah it’s opinion journalism- so what? Her coverage of LGBT issues is OUTSTANDING. Can we please elect her queen of the gays?

  • terrwill

    Sorry guys there isn’t room for anything but young latino hustler cock in Rush Windbag’s lard ass. He is one of the most pathetic self hating fags in this world…………

  • Tom

    I loved the two whistled cuckoos in her story. She does indeed rush in where other news people fear to go. All Hail Rachel; a hero in any time, but especially in ours.

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