Rachel Maddow Punk’d By Hilarious Fake Website

It happened to us too, Rachel. Back in 2009 ChristWire.org, the unhealthily funny right-wing Christian fake news site, had us convinced a photo spread of men in Lycra was a legitimate news story. This time around, a story on the site calling for Sarah Palin to “speak out publicly” and call for the U.S. to invade Egypt. Though producers have now realized their mistake (and pulled the clip from MSNBC’s website).

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  • Josh in OR

    And that is how a CLASSY journalist reacts. Admit they were wrong, give credit to the satirists, and do it all with a sense of humor. This is one reason she’s the only talking head I watch.

  • Jack

    Love you, Rachel!

  • Thom Freeheart

    No, I disagree. A classy journalist verifies her story before she submits it to the public.

  • sam

    @Thom Freeheart: yes, because classy journalists never ever make mistakes. they’re superhuman in their efforts to never drop the ball in their entire careers -_-

  • Thom Freeheart

    It’s not that hard to verify a source. I learned that when working on my high school newspaper. This isn’t Maddow’s first time to do this, nor is it the first apology that she has made for relaying false information. Let’s stop giving people a pass just because they are gay or because they share our political philosophy.

  • Josh in OR

    @Thom Freeheart: I don’t think it’s exactly ‘giving her a pass because she’s gay’ or shares apolitical philosophy, Thom. It’s saying, ‘hey. We all make mistakes. You’re spot on with 99% of what you report on, you ask tough, but fair questions in your interviews with people you obviously disagree with, and you admit when you’re wrong without having to be bullied or cajoled into it.’

    That is classy. Name me one pundit other than her who admits their mistakes and is so dead on with everything else.

  • Jimmy

    Factcheck much?

  • Jeffree

    Rachel isn’t the only commentator who missed out on that site being satirical and full of spoofs….

    Apparently, many of the commenters on the site have also not figured out that it’s not a real fundie website, although it’s a great parody of one.

    BTW, very funny article there on “How to tell” if your husband may be gay. Spot on comedy there.

  • Joe

    Yes classy journalist make petty attacks while snarking (she is always smiling and giggling while making ad-hominem attacks against others) without doing any fact checking what-so-ever.

    Imagine if Beck did this, liberals would fucking piss their pants with excitement. I Doubt beck would be “Classy” he he was actually stupid enough to read the Onion or something and report as it fact.

    Yey liberal hypocrisy.

    Oh and her girlfriend is a manly she-beast that hospitalized Maddow once because of violent user of a strap on…really its completely true, I saw it on the inter-webz!

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