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Rachel Maddow Recycles Lesbian Vampire Accusations To Debunk Internet Myths

Because THE INTERNET is where conspiracy theorists go to collect, then spread outrageous rumors, Rachel Maddow dug up a few ridiculous Internet memes to show why claims of a $200 million per day budget for Obama’s upcoming India trip were bunk. Including the one where Maddow is branded a “lesbian vampire.” (Which isn’t fair: Lesbian vampires are born this way.) Ah yes, what’s last month’s LOL is this month’s hard evidence. From a Sept. 18 YouTube clip:

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  • Pip

    Rachel Maddow has such a lesbian sense of humor. She acts like a goofy little boy playing pretend. Ahah.

  • FYI

    What is that, Nazi paraphernalia and kiddy porn in the background in this White Trash teabagger’s basement?

  • Mysanthropic Destiny

    Its called confirmation bias. People, unconsciously (sometimes) find information that confirms what they already believe or want to believe as more relevant and true.

  • Mysanthropic Destiny

    I love Rachel’s knack for silliness, but completely business attitude when it comes to exposing bullshit or questionable information. I don’t know if she is a lesbian or not, neither do I care, I only know that I find her entertaining and informing at certain times.

  • Chuck

    Rachael rules. She is the only person in tv who cuts through the b.s. of politics and says it like it is in a comical but true manner. Even my conservative mom loves her. Every person in news should be a little more like Rachael and the world would be better.

  • If Rachael is a vampire, then she was bit by a blood sucking conservative

    I’m amazed at the crazy that conservatives exhibit, on a daily basis.

  • Tessie Tura

    @Mysanthropic Destiny: Rachel is out with no apologies – she often mentions her partner (Susan Mikula) on air – mentions quite often that she is gay herself, and often tosses a self-deprecating jab about the fact that she isn’t exactly a flower of femininity.

  • Californian

    Rachel does have a great sense of humor. “Her arms crossed over her almost non-existent breasts…”
    What frightens me is this conservative honestly believes she is a real vampire!!! Maybe his church pastor is claiming all socialists are secret vampires…

  • boom

    …was that guy on something? or perhaps a cocktail of somethings? if he was sober, then I suspect that he’s actually a secret leftist planted among conservatives in order to dismantle them from the inside by exposing how crazy they are. because no one of any worth is going to watch that video and think “hmmmm…he’s onto something! nazi bolshevik vampire she must be!”

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