Pride in truth

Rachel Maddow, keeping a reporter’s check on Trump’s post-truth world

Name: Rachel Maddow, 45

Who She Is: MSNBC news anchor and commentator

What She Did: As host of The Rachel Maddow Show, Maddow has taken on the falsehoods of the Trump White House with a rare combination of humor, sarcasm, and seriousness. Along with queer anchors Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Robin Roberts and Shepard Smith she’s leading the resistance to Trump’s more than 3,000 documented lies since he took office.

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Why We’re Proud: What more can we say about the courage, wit, and wisdom of Rachel Maddow?

When The Rachel Maddow Show debuted in 2008, nobody predicted that the feisty host would start a revolution in television journalism. As opposed to the bellicose, angry anchors of the time (Bill O’Riley, Keith Olberman), Maddow approached her stories and guests with a conversational warmth combined with a lacerating wit. She also injects dry humor into her commentaries, notably discussing “tea baggers” during the rise of the GOP Tea Party, and golden showers when discussing Donald Trump. Maddow even allows herself to get emotional, tearing up as the New York State Assembly became the first state legislature to vote in favor of marriage equality.

With Donald Trump continuing his attacks on the media, and with much of cable news often given over to hysterical shouting matches, it brings us great relief (and pride) to know that one of our own has maintained her poise, and continued to act as a voice of reason in crazy time when the future of democracy and the rule of law is at stake.