Rachel Maddow has Trump’s Tax Returns, and will air them tonight. Seriously.

Rachel Maddow has been doing some truly exemplary reporting since Donald Trump took office, often moving past the rhetoric and examining the nuts and bolts of what is really being done behind the scenes.

And today at around 7:30pm eastern time, she Tweeted the tease of the century ahead of her 9 p.m. broadcast:

Trump’s tax returns have been something of a holy grail throughout the long election cycle, especially when he refused to share them last November. It was an unprecedented move, which at best tried to hide the fact that he hadn’t paid federal taxes for something like 18 years, and at worst could reveal global business dealings that present all sorts of conflicts of interest.

Maddow has been experiencing a massive ratings spike, outrating every other primetime show last week.

We have a feeling that trend will continue tonight.

Tune in soon if you want to see this horror show play out in real time — 9 p.m. eastern time on MSNBC.

Here’s Hillary Clinton postulating why Trump wouldn’t release his returns: