Rachel Maddow’s Mug Too Frightening to Be Allowed Inside Belarus


The Canadians won’t let Michael Lucas’ fetish flick Piss! cross its border. So what is Belarus keeping out of its country?

The magazine Pride. The one with Rachel Maddow on the cover. And the one put together by Joe My God‘s Joe Jervis. (The publication is distributed across the U.S. It’s published by InterPride.)

Customs officials seized some 25 copies addressed to Sergey Androsenko, the 20-year-old head of the Gay Youth Association in Minsk, claiming all those issues weren’t for his personal use. Now the group Project GayBelarus is involved, but they aren’t have much luck down at the post office.


So what’s so harmful about Pride? Well there are pictures of men dressed as women, for one. SCARY!

Luckily, the whole issue is already online, because who needs to get their fingers dirty with newsprint and fight customs officials just to get a little Maddow loving?