Racist gay caught on tape assaulting man for recording him shouting the N-word

A racist gay man in New York City was caught on tape shouting the N-word at someone and then assaulting a pedestrian.

In the footage, the motorist is seen stepping out of his vehicle and screaming the “N” word at someone in his way, before turning and assaulting a pedestrian who captured the slur on video.

“Hey, it would be smart to get out of the street a**hole. F*cking n*gger!” he yells before climbing back into his car and smoking a cigarette.

When he sees he’s being recorded, he looks at the man behind the camera and says, “Are you recording me? Why?”

“Cause you’re an a**hole,” the pedestrian replies.

“I’m an a**hole?” quips the motorist. “Honey, look in the mirror, okay? The only person that’s an a**hole is you for recording me.”

Things quickly escalate.

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“Oh, you’re so fierce,” the pedestrian replies.

To which the motorist responds, “I know I am, thank you. Are you gay, too? No, you’re not? Well, you look like it! Do you want to keep recording me having fun? What are you gonna do with this recording, tell me.”

“I’ll just put it on the internet,” the pedestrian replies.

The two continue bickering for a while before the motorist threatens to “beat the sh*t out of you.” When the pedestrian tells him to “give it a try,” the motorist jumps out of the vehicle and lunges at him.

He grabs the pedestrian’s phone and throws it across the street. Unfortunately for him, there was another person nearby filming the whole thing from a different angle.

NYC City Council candidate Anthony Beckford shared the troubling footage on social media in hopes of identifying the man.

“Racist on the Upper East Side,” he wrote. “Find out who this racist person is and let us hold them accountable. This and any other act of racism will NOT be tolerated.”


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