Racist Murderer “Accidentally” Beat Up And Ran Over Victim With His Truck

Remember when 18-year-old Deryl Dedmon Jr. and his friends kicked James Craig Anderson while screaming “white power” and then ran over him with Dedmon’s truck? Yeah. Now that Dedmon has been charged with capital murder and a hate crime charge, Dedmon’s lawyer is suggesting that it was all “an accident.”

Jackson, Mississippi authorities have testified that Dedmon got robbed the week before and possibly killed Anderson as “some sort of revenge.” Yes. If someone steals your money and phone, the ideal way to get revenge is to kick and crush a random, married, 49-year-old gay father to death. Dedmon now sits without bail and may face the death penalty. Lucky for him that Anderson’s sister asked prosecutors not to pursue death as her family opposes capital punishment.

Dedmon’s lawyer, Lee Agnew hasn’t explained just how Dedmon “accidentally” murdered Anderson but seeing as it was captured on videotape the jury will have a plenty of time to decide for themselves.

Image via The New Civil Rights Movement

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  • Cam

    Least surprising sentence fragment in that posting?

    “Jackson, Mississippi”

  • christopher di spirito

    So the defense will argue Deryl Dedmon Jr. was suffering from a form of post traumatic robbery victim syndrome? Almost as specious as Dan White’s so-called “Twinkie” defense.

  • Little Kiwi

    @CAM, i give a sad “amen” to that.

    that said, after yesterday’s galling execution i’m beyond moved by the grace of the victim’s family.

    a racist bigot commits a murder. they still don’t leap to bloodthirsty vengeance.


  • Jon Tom

    He will make a fabulous real housewife of prison.

  • Kraig F

    So bc your family is opposed to the death penalty you should get to sit and rot….but you can kill an innocent man. something isnt adding up here

  • Dave

    @Little Kiwi: Grace, indeed. That’s the only word I could think of as well, but it doesn’t begin to capture the generosity of soul necessary to maintain belief in the innate dignity and value of life, in the face of such a horrific crime.

    I’d like to believe that I could be the same way, but if I’m being honest I have to admit I’m not certain. My lip twitches and curls into a sneer just looking at this little dirtbag and thinking about his audacity, his selfishness, his cruelty, the pain he caused, what he took away from his victim and all who knew him, and his excuses and cowardice now that’s he’s facing consequences that couldn’t possibly fit his crime. If it had been my family member or friend he brutalized and murdered? …I just don’t know.

    But the truly _amazing_ grace of James Craig Anderson’s family is inspiring. As corrosive as the little dirtbag’s deeds are, Anderson’s family is a shining, impossible-to-ignore reminder that hatred can be transcended by folks who possess an inner strength borne of love.

  • TMikel

    Ye gods, am I the only one who is sick and tired of cirminals getting off on some lame excuse? I have been mugged three times in three different cities and lost a good amount of cash. However, i never thought about finding some hapless person to attack and then kill. An accident? I suppose the truck drove itself over the man and Demon was shackled to the steering wheel and unable to do anything. What has happened to our justice system when shyster lawyers can trot out this sort of crap?

  • Hyhybt

    It is, of course, possible to run over someone by accident… but not like this.

  • Michelle

    Another crime, which is equally disturbing to me is the FACT that only 2 teenagers have had charges brought against them; not to mention the fact that Mr. Rice was ONLY charged with a misdemeanor assault charge, which is a serious and insulting joke in the POOREST of tastes to say the least. Here is a crime that was CLEARLY a case of PREMEDITATION, by multiple teens. These people joked about hurting someone then piled into 2 vehicles and drove 16 miles. Driving 16 miles takes time, so that ALONE shows it was NOT a spur of the moment decision that got out of hand. This was a thought out CHOICE by ALL involved and it shows that EVERYONE was in agreement to this crime because they ALL went WILLINGLY in search of a black person to “MESS WITH”, which also shows they singled out an individual based on race making it a HATE CRIME. Furthermore, let me mention that this crime was an act of TERRORISM . If we define terrorism as the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. WELL….these teens used violence for their political belief in “WHITE SUPREMACY” and they clearly terrorized their victim by beating him the running over him. Our country has passed NUMEROUS laws with court case rulings that CRIMINALIZE words and behavior used to incite violence. According to Chapter 2917.01 OFFENSES AGAINST PUBLIC PEACE (Ohio)
    (A) No person shall knowingly engage in conduct designed to urge or incite another to commit any offense of violence, when either of the following apply:
    (1) The conduct takes place under circumstances that create a clear and present danger that any offense of violence will be committed;
    (2) The conduct proximately results in the commission of any offense of violence.
    (B) Whoever violates this section is guilty of inciting to violence. If the offense of violence that the other person is being urged or incited to commit is a misdemeanor, inciting to violence is a misdemeanor of the first degree. If the offense of violence that the other person is being urged or incited to commit is a felony, inciting to violence is a felony of the third degree.
    Effective Date: 07-01-1996

  • JayKay

    So Queerty is now covering race stories that have nothing to do with anything even a little bit gay?

    Ok, I look forward to your in-depth report on the recent wave of black flash mobs targeting and assualting whites.

  • Scott

    This kid should pray he gets the death penalty and that it’s swift. He’s got jail bait written all over him. Add to that that he killed a black man in a hate crime, and will now be living in a jail that is predominately black men- and it’s easy to see that karma does exist. The beatings and rapings he is about to get–trust me he’ll be praying for death. He’ll probably get it, as I’d take Vegas odds he’ll be beaten to death in prison.

  • CBRad

    Except for the perp looking gay, how is this report gay-related ? (“No agenda except for that gay one” ??)

  • Scott

    @JayKay– the victim was also a gay father.

  • CBRad

    @Scott: If that’s true, then….I’m mistaken. I take it back.

  • CBRad

    @Little Kiwi: From YOU ! Who is always telling guys to go hang themselves because they disagree with you ?? LOLLOLLOL “grace” (rolls eyes)

  • Michael


    Ive been flagging him nonstop until Queerty actually does something about this pathetic little bully.

  • JKB

    Well if it was an accident, then someone should accidentally beat his ass.

  • Little Kiwi

    yes. flagging me while threatening me with physical violence. because that’s sane.

    look, Michael, I understand you took an ego hit yesterday after you spent hours insisting that President Obama was “a Muslim” only to finally be proven wrong and accept the truth – that you were wrong.

    But you need to get over it. You should care more about LGBT Equality and more about this tragic story and the lesson can be learned, than you seem to care about arguing with me.


  • CBRad

    @Michael: Queerty doesn’t care. There have been some sicjk statements in the past, about killing and mutilating others, and Queerty did nothing. Just call him out for what you know he is. (I mean…would you ever leave a child or a pet with the kiwi?)

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Zzzzz the hypocrite who tells people to kill themselves continues to toot his own horn.Total coward who never even addresses that he said those things to begin with.Run along boring one you are nowhere near sane either especially to tell people to hang themselves just because you disagree with their opinions.1 I cant reach you 2 I would never be desperate enough to meet someone as clearly arrogant and idiotic as you continue to prove yourself to be.Nice try AGAIN trying to throw YOUR flaws off on me Im not like you thank god.I was raised better :)

  • Daniel Villarreal

    @JayKay: @CBRad: Yes, he is a gay man. I have added that very important detail into the story. As for moderating comments, for now constant moderation requires much more time than our small staff can handle, though we are looking into bringing back a ratings system that will allow the Queerty community and editors to elevate the discourse and discourage violence.

  • kdm

    I have lived all over the South-South East and have traveled extensively across the continental and non-contiguous states… born and reared in Mississippi and currently live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Racism is alive and well all across this great land. Do not fool yourself into believing it’s a southern thing. It is most assuredly not!

    This was a deplorable and horrid act of hate. All involved should be held accountable.

  • CBRad

    @Daniel Villarreal: I’m shocked someone from Queerty is actually responding to these posts! usually they just hide. So, Daniel V. has my grudging admiration for that.

  • CBRad

    @kdm: Racism is not predominantly a southern thing at all! Most violent crime in NYC is black-on-black, and then black-on-white. And most gaybashings are by other minorities.

  • CBRad

    @Daniel Villarreal: And this certainly gives you more credibility than that blog run by that evil bartender andrew towle. That guy prints outright lies and then hides when he’s called on it.

  • industrysinner

    I’m from Mississippi originally and I can say this kind of disgusting thing doesn’t really happen there that often, esp in a bigger city like Jackson, which is predominently African-American.

    The victims family doesn’t want the death penalty? This cute little blonde white boy will probably wish for the death penalty. When he’s convicted, he’ll go to the state pen, which is Parchman. It’s in the middle of the Mississippi Delta. I’m sure the African-American cellblock population will love him, and his cute little blonde boy ass, for the rest of his life.

  • CBRad

    @industrysinner: Right. Any planned murder is horrific. And I know Jackson is pretty bad (though I’ve never visited there). It always makes the top 20 murder cities in the U.S., but I don’t think it’s ever cracked the top ten.

  • Gay Veteran

    @industrysinner: Well he’ll only align himself with the other racist white prisoners. I say give him the death penalty… I have no problem advocating for the death penalty when there’s no question over the quilt of the perp.

  • chuck

    If Queerty staff does not have the time to control comments…then the community simply and totally ignoring the trolls…turn your electronic back to them. They really get off on the anger they generate. Ignore them completely and see how fast they disappear from this site.

  • Lee


    Our favorite racist poster! The murdered man was GAY!

  • delurker

    @JayKay: You dumb piece of shit. Get the fuck out with your conservative white whiny victimhood. it has been reported that the victim is gay.

  • CBRad

    @Gay Veteran: Yeah, but the white gangs will probably just f–k him too.

  • camsean

    Wow. Kudos for the family for the dignity they have shown in asking the prosecutor not to seek the death penalty. Its amazing what tragedy can out bring out in people.

  • alexander

    @JayKay: I guess you did not read the story.Then again judging by your response I am sure it would not matter.

  • James


    So when are we going to admit that some gays have some unresolved issues with race?

    Learn to read dumbass. The victim was gay. And even if he weren’t the gay community needs to learn how to build alliances with other disenfranchised groups– it will improve our ability to make significant gains for equality.

  • CBRad

    @James: When JayKay posted that comment the story mentioned nothing about the victim being gay. Daniel V. admitted his omission and said he’d add it. You guys have to read the posts more carefully.

  • delurker

    @CBRad: He’s still a fucking GOProud dumbass bringing Drudge-style white victimhood into this.

  • MattGMD

    Dedmon and all his friends present when the attack started should be charged with something. Surely one or two of the passengers in Dedmon’s truck should at least be charged as accomplices. Perhaps the prosecutor is relying on one or more of them to testify against Dedmon. This case, as will all criminal prosecutions, will end up being more about a ‘win’ for the prosecutor than about ‘justice’. This prosecutor has a daunting task ahead of him considering one judge so quickly reduced the charge against Rice.

  • B

    No. 32 · CBRad wrote, “@Gay Veteran: Yeah, but the white gangs will probably just f–k him too.” … particularly given his “Jewish” defense (the Hebrew or Yiddish word “chutzpah” comes to mind, the operational definition of which is a guy convicted of murdering his parents asking for leniency because he’s a orphan).

  • CBRad

    @B: Maybe so. But, even aside from possible rape and violence, I don’t think I could handle the idea of spending my life in prison. Just the boredom, the knowledge that this place is it for the rest of my life… Obviously some people do such horrific things that that’s where they belong though.

  • Brandon

    @JayKay: even though the story has been edited to include that the victim was gay…your comment prior to it doing so still makes you look like a racist asshole….just saying

  • torgue

    hang this b*tch

  • Jonathan

    Anderson was not a gay father. He was helping to raise a child that his partner has custody of. He was not married. (there is no gay marriage in Mississippi) He was, according to his partner of 17 years, out partying at the Metro Inn. (a known nuisance motel) What you all really should be pissed about is the fact that Anderson’s family is suing the Metro Inn in addition to the people involved. And his partner of 17 years??? He gets nothing because his partnership to Mr. Anderson isn’t recognized in Mississippi.

  • Reyn


    You mean aside from the fact that the victim is a black gay man?



  • PeterPiperBoy


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