Racist Murderer “Accidentally” Beat Up And Ran Over Victim With His Truck

Remember when 18-year-old Deryl Dedmon Jr. and his friends kicked James Craig Anderson while screaming “white power” and then ran over him with Dedmon’s truck? Yeah. Now that Dedmon has been charged with capital murder and a hate crime charge, Dedmon’s lawyer is suggesting that it was all “an accident.”

Jackson, Mississippi authorities have testified that Dedmon got robbed the week before and possibly killed Anderson as “some sort of revenge.” Yes. If someone steals your money and phone, the ideal way to get revenge is to kick and crush a random, married, 49-year-old gay father to death. Dedmon now sits without bail and may face the death penalty. Lucky for him that Anderson’s sister asked prosecutors not to pursue death as her family opposes capital punishment.

Dedmon’s lawyer, Lee Agnew hasn’t explained just how Dedmon “accidentally” murdered Anderson but seeing as it was captured on videotape the jury will have a plenty of time to decide for themselves.

Image via The New Civil Rights Movement

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