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Racist neo-Nazi gay adult films are having quite a moment right now

Think neo-Nazism and white supremacy is reserved to backwards Southern enclaves like Charlottesville? Think again.

San Francisco is expected to be hit by a large white supremacist rally this weekend. Another one just happened in Boston. Then there are the online hate groups and organizations based all around the country that have seen an uptick in memberships.

Suffice to say, racism is alive and well in all pockets of America, including in the gay porn industry.

Sean Zevran is an adult film performer. He tells MEL Magazine, a new men’s digital magazine, that racism has always played a part in his industry, but right now it’s especially hot.

“Overt racism is having a moment, and a lot of people think it’s becoming acceptable again,” Zevran says. “Consumer demand, especially in porn, reflects racism.”

Part of the current demand includes skinhead/neo-Nazi adult films.

Take the website JoeSchmoeVideos, for instance. Since launching a few years ago, the site has quickly became one of the go-to sites for gay men into racist amateur pornography. It features white models with shaved heads and swastika tattoos having sex with submissive black men on sets decorated with large Confederate flags.

“In porn, there are a lot of things going on that would be morally reprehensible in reality,” Zevran says, “but they appeal to people’s fantasies, and that’s what porn is all about.”

Of course, none of this is exactly new. Racist skinhead porn has been around for a long time, but the demand is as great as ever.

XHamster spokesperson Alex Hawkins says searches for the word “Nazi” average around 1,000 times per day (30,000 per month). And while that may not be anywhere near the site’s top search term, it does indicate people are clearly interested in it.

“We can’t expect porn to change much when society itself has light years to go” on social issues around race, Zevran says. “No doubt, recent events have set us back, but we know racism is wrong. Everyone knows it.”

He continues, “In a lot of ways, people’s sexual fantasies?—?and thus what they demand of the porn industry?—?are shaped by society. Until we eradicate systemic sexism, racism, and other forms of oppression, I think you’re still going to see those things reflected in the porn we consume.”

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  • JaredMacBride

    Graham, have you ever been to Charlottesville? The place is about as far from backward as you can get. Trump got 13% of the vote there. Try not being ignorant.

  • ChrisK

    Rape is very popular in porn but doesn’t mean people accept it as ok. Just that they get turned on by the fantasy of it.

    • Rex Huskey

      Brilliant comment fool.

  • MarionPaige

    Men, Heroes and Gay Nazis (German: Männer, Helden, schwule Nazis) is a 2005 German documentary film directed, written and produced by Rosa von Praunheim. The film focuses on gay men who align themselves with hard-core right wing views, skinheads and Nazis.

    Bruce LaBruce did a movie years ago of an inter-racial gay couple being attacked by skin heads.

    Today, The internet means that “adult” can be distributed with less risk of producers being held subject to local “community” standards.

    a “cap” on what adult companies could get away with was that film and dvds were shown in theaters and mailed to conservative states. This put distributors under liability to local standards. For example, when the gov went after one extreme adult producer, they ordered a dvd from the California producer and had it mailed to a conservative district in Pennsylvania.

    At one time, shipping simple inter-racial videos to southern states was a risky thing.

  • Brody

    Charlottesville, home of UVA, is a “backwards southern enclave”?
    The elitist snobbery is especially strong here today.

    • Kangol

      I usually disagree with whatever you post, but I’m with you here. This is about as idiotic and wrong a description of Charlottesville as I’ve seen. Graham Gremore, it’s a beautiful, fairly cosmopolitan college town. You should visit it sometime.

  • OrchidIslander

    ” It features white models with shaved heads and swastika tattoos having sex with submissive black men on sets decorated with large Confederate flags.”

    And a couple of movies later, those very same shaved-headed and hateful white models are getting pounded by the proverbial BBD!

    It’s porn! It’s fantasy!

    Who cares????

  • Tobi

    Brian will be along shortly to blame Helga.

    • stevetalbert

      Mit onions mein fraulein?

  • richard2179

    It’s ok to question some of our fantasies. You know, to have standards. This kind of fantasy is bad news in the same way that fantasies about child pornography is bad news. Limits are a good thing here!


    There are also Black guys into this (or variants thereof ) — one used to post here and now posts on Joemygod and has a profile on myvidster detailing his kink. Apparently he switches the supremacy dynmacics when the mood takes him. He insists he’s not a self-hater and essentially “woke” and that if the “racism” ioccurred outside the context of the bedroom the other guy would catch hands, or something to that effect

    • Kangol

      Yep, it’s called “race play.” I find it sickening but it’s not new and it goes multiple ways, and has been happening for a long time. And remember, straight people do it to: the aristocrat Sir Max Mosley, the famous British racing chief, got busted for a Nazi-themed Holocaust sex play scene some years ago. It was a huge, very straight, very white scandal.

  • Billy Budd

    Nazees are all about control and submission. A fetishism of control. It is a very old fetish and it began to be explored in the 70s in cinema. Films like The Night Porter and The Damned. Both are very good films but I donT get hard by watching them, thank god. Please read the Essay: Fascinating Fascism by Susan Sontag. It is available online for free.

  • Ejens005

    Charlottesville is NOT a backward southern enclave.

  • DCguy

    Anybody else notice that Graham Gremore only writes stories about closet cases and calls them “Straight” or he writes articles that are targeted at making gay men look bad.

    What are the issues going on here?

    • Kangol

      Closet cases, abject Black and POC people, straights, etc. Disgusting. And he (or they) keep doing it over and over.

  • Kangol

    Typical Graham Gremore post!

    Take the website JoeSchmoeVideos, for instance. Since launching a few years ago, the site has quickly became one of the go-to sites for gay men into racist amateur pornography. It features white models with shaved heads and swastika tattoos having sex with submissive black men on sets decorated with large Confederate flags.

    OK, why not mention the video company featuring Castro and Izzy, It’s GonnaHurt, or any of the others where white men hunger for black d!ck? Why is this site always dogging out Black gay men? And why can’t it ever write about other men of color, like Asian Americans? Or Native Americans? Or Latinxs who aren’t white?

  • Bob LaBlah

    Were there never a gay man named Ernst Rohm there never would have been an Adolf Hitler. It was he, Ernst Rohm, commander of an army of three million thugs (three hundred times the size of the German Army) that took to the streets and thru outright thuggery and murder paved the wave for the Nazi’s to thrive like they did.

    As I have said over and over let these Nazi ignoramuses go right ahead and prasie Hitler because they are praising the very thing they despise, a gay man. If you knew the story of Hitler and Rohm you would realize why Hitlers mistress, Eva Braun, never smiled throughout their entire relationship. Rohm’s story is on youtube in case your interested. That man was no sweetheart and in my opinion got just what he asked for, betrayal from the very thing he created.

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