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Racist neo-Nazi gay adult films are having quite a moment right now

Think neo-Nazism and white supremacy is reserved to backwards Southern enclaves like Charlottesville? Think again.

San Francisco is expected to be hit by a large white supremacist rally this weekend. Another one just happened in Boston. Then there are the online hate groups and organizations based all around the country that have seen an uptick in memberships.

Suffice to say, racism is alive and well in all pockets of America, including in the gay porn industry.

Sean Zevran is an adult film performer. He tells MEL Magazine, a new men’s digital magazine, that racism has always played a part in his industry, but right now it’s especially hot.

“Overt racism is having a moment, and a lot of people think it’s becoming acceptable again,” Zevran says. “Consumer demand, especially in porn, reflects racism.”

Part of the current demand includes skinhead/neo-Nazi adult films.

Take the website JoeSchmoeVideos, for instance. Since launching a few years ago, the site has quickly became one of the go-to sites for gay men into racist amateur pornography. It features white models with shaved heads and swastika tattoos having sex with submissive black men on sets decorated with large Confederate flags.

“In porn, there are a lot of things going on that would be morally reprehensible in reality,” Zevran says, “but they appeal to people’s fantasies, and that’s what porn is all about.”

Of course, none of this is exactly new. Racist skinhead porn has been around for a long time, but the demand is as great as ever.

XHamster spokesperson Alex Hawkins says searches for the word “Nazi” average around 1,000 times per day (30,000 per month). And while that may not be anywhere near the site’s top search term, it does indicate people are clearly interested in it.

“We can’t expect porn to change much when society itself has light years to go” on social issues around race, Zevran says. “No doubt, recent events have set us back, but we know racism is wrong. Everyone knows it.”

He continues, “In a lot of ways, people’s sexual fantasies?—?and thus what they demand of the porn industry?—?are shaped by society. Until we eradicate systemic sexism, racism, and other forms of oppression, I think you’re still going to see those things reflected in the porn we consume.”

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