Radar Sticks It To The Man

We’re not sure if you heard, but the military needs a few more troops to send to their deaths. So, the kids over at Radar decided to test their recruitment limits. Of course, their mission wouldn’t be complete without a little ‘mo action. Here’s a taste of Harvey Fierstein getting the soldierly scoop:

HF: …I keep hearing about this “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Is that, like, bitchy gossip?
RC: Actually, for something like that I’m gonna have to refer you here to my station commander. Let me put you on hold, you can talk to him. [Same recruiter comes back in a few minutes.] Now, what was that question, real quick, one more time?
HF: I hear a lot about “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, I want to know if that means bitchy gossip in the locker room.
RC: No. [Explains DADT].
HF: Can you ask other soldiers about it?
RC: No.
HF: Can you make hints?
RC: No. That’s defined as a statement, an act, or anything to that nature.
HC: It couldn’t be like, cough once for yes, cough twice for no?
RC: No.

It’s some pretty entertaining shit. Read the rest of it by clicking here. Be sure to come back to us, though. We get so lonesome…