Radio Host Suspended After “Homophobic” Comment

A Canadian radio host has been suspended after uttering some allegedly homophobic and certainly boring comments about openly Parti Quebecois leader Andre Boisclair (pictured).

In the midst of election madness, Boisclair recently released a report on homophobia in Quebec’s schools and offices. With regard to this report, radio host Louis Champagne said that factory workers would never vote for a gay candidate. Following a flurry of angry calls, the radio station has suspended Champagne until the matter’s resolved.

Of the suspension, Boisclair remarked that he was right to have confidence in his constituency. Marc-Andre Dowd of Quebec’s Human Rights Commission also lauded the move, saying: “We are happy that they were largely denounced by political leaders of all parties, journalists and editorialists.” Sounds like Champagne and Ann Coulter have something in common – except, of course, the Canadian situation doesn’t have the same panache. Not that we’re really surprised…