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Rafael Medenca Heats Up The Timoteo Atletico Collection


It’s been awhile since we’ve seen model Rafael Medenca, and boy did he grow up! Rafael proves his prowess in the all new Timoteo Atletico campaign. Shot in a sun-soaked room, he wears all the underwear styles in the collection — briefs, jock briefs, trunks, and jocks. He has the body to pull off anything, but an attitude impeccably suited to Timoteo’s frisky jock aesthetic.

“For the launch of the new collection we used model Rafael Medenca. He embodies what the Timoteo brand is all about and is the perfect model to help launch the Atletico Collection,” said Timoteo Ocampo, Chief Designer & Co-Owner of Timoteo. For an extra bonus, check out the sultry video Rafael stars in, created by Timoteo himself!

JockBrief-1824JockBrief-2006 JockBrief-1875JockBrief-1949

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Photo credit: Timoteo