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Rahm Emanuel Didn’t Pick Any Gays To Work For Him, Which Of Course Means He Hates Gays

Now that Rahm Emanuel is the president of Chicago, it’s time to look into who he’s bringing on board to campaign against corruption, or whatever it is the mayor of Chicago does. So who made the list? A pair of former chiefs of staff for outgoing Mayor Richard M. Daley, a pastor, an ex-cop, a banking exec, and, um, no out homosexuals. Which is too bad, because HAVE YOU SEEN THE JEANS HE’S WEARING? Somebody fix that, stat.

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  • Francis

    What it means is that he doesn’t give a damn about us, which given his actions in the WH, is absolutely no surprise. Ultimately, we as a community have to stop sort of begging for politicians to help us, because it’s become beyond clear most of them simply won’t do it. Instead put the pressure on them and hold their feet to the fire, make them account for their homophobic actions. Also, Rahm did select a conservative preacher who is openly anti-gay, and…..wait for it……….friends with Obama too! With friends like these, who needs enemies.

  • Drake

    The minister on his committee is a HOMOPHOBE. Rahm, ask for his resignation.

  • OrchidIslander

    @Francis: “What it means is that he doesn’t give a damn about us, which given his actions in the WH, is absolutely no surprise.”

    Or, you and Queerty could unwad your panties, take a deep breath and turn off the histrionics machine. The Chicago election was, what – 9 or 10 days ago? Already we wave the victim card and screech bias towards an administration that has yet to be formed? Most of us living in logic-land realize that the transition of office is a process and it is likely that there are plenty of positions yet to be filled. Rahm’s administration is too new, and likely not complete enough for any group to feel slighted at this point.

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    Silly gay liberals, thrown under the bus before Rahm’s even been sworn-in. Even for Chicago politics THAT was fast-footwork. After his two-faced performance on G/L issues as Barack Obama’s WH Chief of Staff, this doesn’t surprise me one-bit.

    Chicago has maybe the third-largest gay community in the Nation, and obviously no-clout with it’s own Democratic Machine…err, Democratic Party. What did you get for your money and activism? Tire tread-marks across your rainbow t-shirt. And so many accuse the gay Republicans of being co-dependent in an abusive relationship…look in the mirror. Or, more to the point the Second City Mayoral dais.

  • justiceontherocks

    @OrchidIslander: Don’t confuse people with the facts. It would deprive them an opportunity to feel slighted.

  • McMike

    Sorry but the gay has always made my gaydar go off.

  • McMike

    that’s guy, not gay…

  • CapitolHilldo

    As someone who works on The Hill, I can assure all of you that Emanuel is not gay, and that he does not like us one bit, only sees us as another voting demographic to sway (just like his old boss). Whatever outreach he expresses to us is false and purely for political gain. Go figure.

  • alan brickman

    geez so witchy!! No wonder equal rights are taking so long…

  • Riker

    Or, maybe he picked the best people for the jobs available, without regards to their personal lives. His task is to form an effective government, not to assemble a rainbow coalition where every minority is represented.

  • BostonGuy

    I think gay or straight is beside the point. Rahm the Illinois politician will only pick his friends, or at least those who are best for his own self-interests.

  • Jeffree

    Too early to tell: Emanuel isn’t close to being done announcing picks for his top spots.

    I hope the very handsome, out, Ron Huberman gets a high-profie job so we see more of him on the news !

  • OrchidIslander

    @Riker: “His task is to form an effective government, not to assemble a rainbow coalition where every minority is represented.”

    True that….

  • Riker

    @OrchidIslander: I’m sometimes amazed at how us queers want to be represented everywhere, and if we’re not it must be homophobia.

    Perhaps we should ask Obama to implement affirmative action for gays.

  • Jeffree

    Rahm Emanuel has until 5/16 to pick his ChicagoCityHall team, including the new Police Chief, Public School chief & other key posts. Let’s not be too quick to judge how much he’ll include LGB people or issues in his cabinet / leadership. Time will tell.

    What happens in Chicago matters beyond its borders, because it’s the cultural & political center of the Midwest, including my home state and other states.

    Illinois recently passed Civil Unions & the activists & allies there seem to be aiming for marriage equality as a next step.

    Sooner is better than later.

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