Apparently Rainbow Bus Club Is A Real Thing That Actually Happened

Remember a few weeks ago, when we were flustered about a flyer for the “Rainbow Bus Club,” an organization allegedly for “straight men that wanna get together … and pretend to be gay for an hour or so.”

Totally a joke, right? Ha ha ha ha—NO.

We just received photographic evidence that it really, really happened. For real. In reality.

Look at these bros! What an awesome bunch of tops, by which we mean the “DUDES” tank tops they’re wearing.

Of course, the question remains: are they really breeders pretending to be gay—or gays pretending to be breeders pretending to be gay?

It’s unclear. One of them is wearing flip-flops, so, you know.

A little detective-sleuthing (a.k.a. typing words into Google) has yielded additional facts: This project seems to be the work “Chief JD,” who is “that gay,” but has a girlfriend, yet is jealous of women’s fashion, has a thing for muscles and penises and throws shade at Gavin DeGraw.

He’s a complicated man riddled with contradictions, is what we’re trying to say. Joining him are Jordan English and Mason Lisk, who fucking loves rainbows. Also, it’s not their first time at the gay rodeo.

In the end, we’re not sure if this whole thing was real, a joke or somewhere in between. But does it really matter? Love is love—let’s not put a label on it.

Now let’s all go back to the frat house and lie on top of each other for a while.