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Rainbow Flag Stolen From Historic Harvard Church

The Standing on the Side of Love immigration-reform rally outside First Parish

The First Parish Unitarian Church in Cambridge, MA, has a long and storied history: It was involved in the foundation of both the state and Harvard University and is at the forefront of liberal religious ideology.

What it doesn’t have is a rainbow flag. Last week, thieves stole the LGBT symbol that had been hanging outside. “It’s unfortunate that we have to respond to the spiteful acts of one or perhaps a handful of people who are themselves caught in the grip of fear and ignorance,” Minister Fred Small told Bay Windows. “We have compassion for them, but we can’t ignore public assaults on our property, and far more important, on our principles.”

This is possibly the second attack on the flag in recent weeks: It was found balled up in a bundle outside the church after Hurricane Irene, but congregants say its unlikely the storm would’ve knocked it down. They are considering a re-dedication ceremony to affirm the church’s support of LGBT rights. Says Small, “The rainbow flag will wave again at First Parish in Cambridge.”

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