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Raise Your Hand If You Read Victoria Jackson’s Glee Recaps Before Entertainment Weekly‘s

I’m trying really, really hard to give two shits about what Victoria Jackson, the former Saturday Night Live cast member-cum Tea Partier and proud birther/Communist theorist, has to say about the homosexual characters kissing on Glee. That she writes for World Net Daily should be enough of an indicator of her thoughts and feelings. But here they are, because Jackson has become news this weekend for her comments about Al Shamikha, the new Al-Qaeda women’s magazine (which translates to “majestic woman): “This new al-Qaida magazine for women has beauty tips and suicide-bomber tips! Gimme a break! That is as ridiculous as two men kissing on the mouth! And I don’t care what is politically correct. Everyone knows that two men on a wedding cake is a comedy skit, not an ‘alternate lifestyle’! There I said it! Ridiculous! Did you see Glee this week? Sickening! And, besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christians – again! I wonder what their agenda is? Hey, producers of Glee – what’s your agenda? One-way tolerance?” I think it’s time for Jackson and Dave Grohl to find a room.

Just so you have an idea of Jackson’s politics:

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  • Holy Shit!

    What a wretched way of thinking.

  • greenmanTN

    I truly believe she’s mentally ill. If it weren’t for her SNL past she’d be making oven mitts in a sheltered workshop somewhere

  • JT

    As if a divorced, washed up comedian who wasn’t that funny to begin with has anything worthwhile or intelligent to say about politics. She even admits that she never voted until the 2000 elections. Her hypocrisy, not gays living their lives, is what is truly “sickening.”

  • Grey

    WTF is that on her head? A dead flamingo?

  • Bubba

    Just because the Foo Fighters said “no” to having their music used/covered on Glee doesn’t mean they think gay kissing is gross–it means they don’t like Glee. Equating Grohl’s attitude to that of Victoria Jackson is insulting to the former and legitimizes the latter’s bigotry.

  • David Ehrenstein

    She’s not metally ill. She’s just stupid.

  • VagrantMan


    Why is Dave Grohl being lumped in with Jackson? What is wrong with Dave Grohl NOT wanting his music in Glee? Nothing he said was homophobic, he just doesn’t want his song butchered on a Glee. The show does have a positive message, but it’s painfully repetitive and Grohl, as an artist, should be able to decide how his music is reinterpreted without pulling the Homophobic card.

  • Thomas C.

    She’s a person with a desperate desire to be famous for something. At one time, she was famous for being in the credits of Saturday Night Live, and though she appeared in those credits for many, many years, there were a number of episodes where she barely showed up in the actual show, if at all.

    So, she’s had her 15 minutes of fame…they were just spread out over seven years on SNL.

  • Jim Hlavac

    She has 20 or more religious channels on her cable service to chose from to seek salvation from her earthly torment, and she watches “Glee”? That’s just weird.

    The comedy skit, I do think, is the hetero weddings, where they vow, using Biblical words with an addendum: “until death (or divorce) do us part.”

    And since she’s into comedy, Paul, Peter, Timothy, and the apostles in general, didn’t think highly of woman on the hustings and out of the clutches of obeying her husband; precisely because they thought women were too dumb; which she exemplifies. They thought it was a “comedy skit.”

    Not to mention, that any one of the gay guys she doesn’t like could actually be the flight(y) attendant on her next trip to an anti-gay confab who will save her life from any guys or gals who learned too much from Al-Qaeda’s new magazine.

    She and Toonce, they need to talk. And go over the cliff again.

  • gregger

    What a horrid Confused Uninformed Nasty Twat.

  • gregger

    She is mentally ill, it’s not just ignorance or stupidity.

  • Ken S

    How did someone like this ever even function on SNL? I mean I’ve watched a fair bit of stand-up and sketch comedy- y’know what I’ve never noticed to be really abundant among professionally funny people? Social conservatism. Sure there are a few… most of them not very funny… but a good sense of humour- the ability to see and playfully poke fun at the absurd, or to connect with an audience disarmingly and to really make them laugh with joy (as opposed to laughter-as-cruelty)- seems to be a predominantly ‘liberal’ (generous & open) trait. So again, how did this ugly-minded woman get by on a show like Saturday Night Live for any span of time at all?

  • Mike

    Victoria Jackson…still not funny after all these years.

  • kayla

    Ha ha ha! Who takes this woman seriously and why does she sound like a toddler? I think she may be high.

  • Craig

    Does anyone really care what this washed up comedian, oh wait she was never funny to begin with, pile of cat sick has to say? I mean really… I have shit smarter piles of fecal matter than that cunt.

  • TomMc

    She was on SNL?

  • onehundredeight

    This stupid bitch needs to get euthanized. No apologies. You know what’s a farce? That an outdated, ugly, old fart like her thinks anything she says in relevant or even worth paying attention to. And the only thing she knows about wedding cake seems to be how to eat enough of it to make her look like a tub of lard… with bad botox and a rat dying on her head.

  • Tyler T.

    I have a feeling she’d have a hard time not eating cake even if it did have two little men on top of it….

  • Patsy Stoned

    A comedian who isn’t funny is as pointless as a CPA who can’t count or a whore who can’t fuck.

    Oh, sweetie, if it wasn’t for “political correctness” your divorced, adulterous, SINNING ass would have been stoned in the town square.

    Now I say lets all do what SNL viewers did during her time on the show: completely ignore her existence.

  • IL

    This woman is an true idiot!

  • jack e. jett

    Wow….she got her name in the paper.

  • adman

    She is high. That’s a drug addict talking, obviously. Pharmaceuticals being a hugely successful free market enterprise, and all. It’s like utopia! take some oxy’s, whine on the the air and call it false equivalence comedy, or whatever is the corporate emperor’s new clothes this quarter. It’s hilarious how these people hate Hollywood and it’s celebrities.

  • Mike in London UK

    I just wish they’d put comments like the ones she makes in the Comedy Section where they belong.

    Oh wait .. you’re telling me that this old has-been is being serious?

    Poor lady, obviously she needs a nice dose of reality. I suggest putting her on Dancing with the Stars so everyone can laugh at her (again).

  • Geoff B

    Victoria, as a Gay,Christian and somewhat conservative, I just wanna say with warmth and love…. would you please shut the fuck up ypu stupid cunt? People read shit you say in your asinine squeaky voice and assume all Christians are idiots. Most conservatives could give fuck all about gay anything, (trust me, it’s all about money) they take these positions to kowtow to the trailer-trash crowd. Who would have no other reason to vote them in.

  • Pat Duffy

    Some things never change. She was annoying and wasn’t funny then and she’s still annoying and not funny now….

  • JoeyO'H

    Victoria who?

  • FreddyMertz

    Who? and why waste minutes of your life, that you can never get back, listening/hearing what she has to say? I need a martini. lol

  • Dan Cobbb

    Victoria Jackson: Your religious beliefs are nothing more than a consequence of your socialization into a religious Christian family and a Christian community in Miami, FL.

    All people who fervently believe in the truths of their religions are lacking in mental capacity/strength. I love to expose their weak brains by asking such people the following question –which here I will pose to Ms. Jackson:

    Victoria, let’s say that 2 years after your birth to your Christian parents in Miami, Florida you were stolen away and raised by a religiously devout family of Moslems in Algeria.
    Well, had that happened, today you would be spouting the “Truths” of the Koran and you’d be wearing a burlap bag from head to toe. You see, personalities like yours -zealous and credulous (those who lack critical thinking –who believe in things without evidence of their existence) are easily socialized to believe in religious dogmas. But sadly, for you, this is evidence of your incapacity to even understand the reasons and source of your belief! You believe in Christianity because you were socialized to believe in Christianity. The fact that you cannot see that means that you have a weak intellect and a weak capacity for insight and introspection: all of which means that you are as dumb as you look. And Ms. Jackson, you look REALLy stupid.

  • no thanks

    Victoria Jackson is a sad sack.


    Glee is still the most annoying thing on tv bar none.

  • Jay

    Fat, stupid, untalented and ugly. Was this woman ever funny? No.

  • Soupy

    I think that she just figured out that being far right and fundamentalist is a good way to get attention in Hollywood. It makes one stand out. It’s a stab at relevance.

  • Viciente

    Not all anti-gays are mentally ill, but she is. Check out some of her other WND columns. In one, she worries that she is being tracked by 2 spies who have been posing as her fans. For reasons she can’t explain, she keeps inviting them over and spending time with them, even though she is sure that they are Obama’s spies. And they tell her that they are in military intelligence, which is an odd cover story for 2 spies. Her husband tells her that she is a bored housewife who is inventing drama to make life interesting, but she is convinced that these spies are now surveiling her house. And she puts this all down in a non-humorous WND column.

    Srsly, I would not waste any time or energy on her. She needs help.

  • MikeHouston

    I’m curious why in our society religion is entitled to be shoved down our throats every single second of our lives. Protests, 10 million dollar campaigns, people knocking on our doors in the morning to convert us, Churches spreading the gospel LOUDLY on streets…religion is the one aspect of life that shoves things down peoples throats (notably gays) the most and yet gay folks kissing is called out by them? This is why those who are religious need to call out the hypocrisy and hate by their very own otherwise, moments like these do nothing but further distance loving, compassionate people from all things religion…which in modern times has been turned into a competition to bash your neighbor as opposed to highlighting love. It’s beyond delusional it’s pure hatred, and this vile excuse of a human being is leading the way.

  • Ken S

    Is it just me, or are there not really many genuinely funny social conservatives? Is that a ‘thing?’ I kinda think it might be. Speaking from purely anecdotal evidence, I’d posit that humour is actually a ‘liberal’ trait. It seems to take an open-minded, generous/give-and-take mentality to do humour well because humour is so often subversive of established expectations. That’s largely how humour *works.* It upturns some convention, revealing something absurd or hidden that elicits delight in the audience. It refuses to take seriously what we think of as grave, or it over-earnestly throws everything at something we consider frivolous. And a good humourist *must* be able to laugh at themself.

    I don’t think the conservative ‘type’ has that in them. I don’t think they have the heart for it because they’re inclined to defend convention, to take ‘serious things’ serious as a heart attack, and to equate the respect they desire with submission (no norms, to patriarchal figures, or imaginary deities, or whatever). Conservatives don’t seem to have a light, playful touch with anything- they either subsume it in their approval or they’re just nasty as hell towards it. That said, I’ve got to wonder how this shrill, un-funny woman ever got by in the SNL ‘lockerroom.’ How did she last if this is how she thinks and feels? How did her colleagues not expel her like a toxin?

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