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Rally to Save Henry and Josh’s Marriage Postponed to Friday

Henry Velandia and Josh Vandiver

Change of plans! The rally to stop the deportation of Henry Velandia is been pushed back to Friday, the 6th, at 11am. Please make a note of it.

If you’ve been following this case (and you should be), you know that Henry and Josh are legally married and that the federal government has no obligation to press forward with Henry’s deportation back to Venezuela. They could easily put removal proceedings on hold and allow the couple to remain united until the DOMA situation is resolved.

But no! Immigration and Customs has, for reasons known only to them, created a so-called “Super-DOMA” that applies extra-powerful discrimination to gay couples. Isn’t that cute?

As a result, the country could tear Henry and Josh apart — for as long as ten years. Henry’s hearing is on Friday, and the rally will be held at the Department of Homeland Security/Newark Immigration Court in Newark. So, New Yorkers, tomorrow morning you will take the NJTransit line from NYC to Princeton, then walk 2 blocks up Market St., turn left at Broad St. and go 4 short blocks. There is also ample street parking near the Court.

If you attend, please do take photos and videos and send ’em along so we can share them with the Queerty community. Oh, sure, you may say that you have too many other obligations at 11am on a weekday, and that schlepping down to Jersey is too much of a hassle. But imagine poor Josh, having to schlep to Venezuela just to hug the man he married. Oh, land of the free, why must you be so not-free sometimes?