Ramona Singer A No-Show, But Thomas Roberts, Anika Noni Rose, And More Hit GLAAD OutAuction

Some gay ally Ramona Singer is.

The Pinot Grigio-peddling Real Housewife of New York City told GLAAD she’d be making an appearance at last night’s 10th Annual OUTAuction event, where dozens of great works of art went under the gavel. But then she totally flaked.

From the looks of Singer’s Facebook fan page, she was still deciding whether to come back from her “romantic birthday weekend with Mario” in the Hamptons at 5:30pm—a half-hour after the event was supposed to start.

Three hours later, she was idly wondering to her fans: “Sunday night TV suggestions anyone? Avery has been studying but she’s winding down and I’m tired from a fun exhausting birthday weekend! LOL.”

Other stars—like American Idol’s Kimberley Locke, Queer as Folk‘s Michelle Clunie, actress Anika Noni Rose, trans advocate Laverne Cox, The Six Pack’s Ben Harvey and Dave Rubin, and out MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts—did manage to make it, though.

Roberts, who attended with his VGL boyfriend fiance Patrick Abner (both at left), chatted with us about what it was like to come out: “It was the best decision I ever made,” he said. “I don’t know if it helped or it hurt my career. I think it’s going to take a long time to look back in hindsight to figure that one out.”

And what of that famous gray-haired broadcaster everyone knows is a Friend of Dorothy but who chooses to remain in the closet? (No, we don’t mean Tom Brokaw.)

“We all have to deal with our personal issues in our own time,” Roberts says diplomatically. “So I say, ‘welcome aboard’ to anybody that is ready to come out. And, if not, more power to you until you’re ready.”

True Blood‘s Carrie Preston, who introduced a new GLAAD public-service announcement, told our friends at Next Magazine that she’s “always felt that I’m a big part of this community due to the other artists I work with.” The redheaded vixen might be a breeder, but she’s dipped her toes in the gay pool, directing gay flicks like  29th and Gay and That’s What She Said. “I’ve always been very supportive and this is a great way to help out.”

Reichen Lehmkuhl was also working the room, and we couldn’t help but ask if he’s been watching The A-List: Dallas. “I haven’t. I’ve been so busy. I really need to start watching the show and get caught up because I just met a lot of the cast. I met Ashley and she’s really lovely.”

Really, even with the whole “Praise Jeebus” thing?

“I had no idea [she was so religious]. I saw a prayer circle happening—I think that was one of her only scenes [I saw]. I’m not religious in an organized sense. I was raised Catholic—and I’m recovering now.”

Looking for some raunchier discourse, we made our way to outgoing Playgirl marketing director and NYC party promoter extraordinaire Daniel Nardicio, who was talking about Brett Ratner’s getting canned from the Oscars. “I think people really went overboard [in their reaction], but… it was a really shitty thing he said,” Nardicio explained. “I read somewhere that obviously rehearsals are for fags, but so are curls—and he’s some fat middle-aged white guy! At the end of the day… Bryan Singer’s gay and he did those X-Men film’s better than Ratner ever did.”

So is Nardicio a big GLAAD donor? Not so much. “I just infuriate them every once in a while by saying things,” he jokes. “My friend has a piece of art over there… I didn’t realize that most of these gays that I’m seeing here clean up pretty well. I usually see them rooting around my parties like a Tuscan truffle hound. And here they actually cleaned up pretty well.”

Well said, Daniel!

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