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Rand Paul Head Stomper Will Face Assault Charge

It’s only a fourth-degree misdemeanor charge, but it’s still something? Timothy Mark Profitt, the 53-year-old Rand Paul campaign worker who stomped on a supporter’s head at debate last week, will face a judge next month to see if a 12-month jail sentence and $500 fine sound appropriate. To be fair, Lauren Valle — the woman on whose head Profitt can be seen stepping on — has her own arrest record.

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  • ewe

    His only defense is that he had to beat her head in due to his bad back. What a DOUCHENOZZLE FUCK WAT.

  • ewe

    If her arrest record has nothing to do with this incident then Queerty should be ashamed of themselves for saying “to be fair” blah blah blah. There is nothing fair about prejudice.

  • Dollie

    @ewe: 100% cosign!

    Seriously, Queerty? She’s an activist with a criminal record for something she did with Greenpeace. Although that is certainly interesting, we need to view this woman as the victim in this pstory. Her criminal record is irrelevant, and if it must be reported on- find a more tactful way to do it.

    As always, stay classy, Queerty!

  • Dollie

    Particular story*

  • Martin

    What the heck does her having a record have anything to do with her getting stomped on!! Oh, if you have a criminal record of any kind than you have no rights and should get smacked around by anyone who chooses. That statement in this article about her record was absolutely pointless and ridiculous!

  • BenR

    “To be fair” what?

    Why is it fair to mention that she has a record? Why is it fair to suggest that somehow mitigates his actions? WTF, Queery, how fucking stupid are you? The bottom line is, she was doing nothing wrong or illegal, and he stomped on her head. He’s only unlucky that it all went down on camera or he’d probably still be one of Paul’s bestest buddies.

    BTW, Martin Luther King had an arrest record, too. Go figure.

  • FYI

    Jesus had an arrest record too. He was even tried, convicted and executed for crimes against the state and for blasphemy. But, I don’t think that he ever stomped on any body’s head though. Hmmmmmm…

    Oh wait…executed for blasphemy. Capital punishment for blasphemy — that’s in the old testament isn’t it? Puts him in the same ecclesiastical criminal class as homosexuals.

    …Interesting. The Rand Paulites would have probably stomped on his head too for pushing socialism — their god being Mammon, of course.

  • bobito

    “To be fair”, I think it’s interesting to note that writing graffiti on a boat (and not stomping on anybody’s head in the process) is considered a felony, but physically assaulting somebody and stomping on their head is a misdemeanor.

  • Jimmy Fury

    So he’s not just some random supporter but an actual campaign worker?

    Well there go all the tea party conspiracy theories about the whole thing being an evil liberal set-up…

  • samthor

    at least he is getting something.

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