Rand Paul Says Conservatives Will Lose Federal Marriage Equality Ban


You know all that talk of a sea change of public opinion in favor of federal marriage equality that’s forced even our most vocal foes to concede defeat? Well, it’s smacked Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) in the face, too.

During an interview with the Christian Broadcast Network’s David Brody, Paul suggests the only way to continue the debate for the “traditional” marriage is to keep fighting at the state level since many states are likely to remain antigay.

“If we were to say each state can decide, I think a good 25, 30 states still do believe in traditional marriage, and maybe if we allow the debate to go on for another couple of decades, and see if we can still win back the hearts and minds of people,” Paul said.

Isn’t it sweet that even the most conservative of Republicans are trying their damndest to not end up on the wrong side of history when it comes to same-sex marriage?