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Rand Paul told to “get f*cked” during livestream, responds by whining about almost being killed again

Sen. Rand Paul took a break from making up stories about being attacked by angry liberal mobs, picking fights with Dr. Fauci, and accusing ’80s singers of trying to poison him to hold a virtual town hall meeting over the weekend and, let’s just say, it didn’t go over so well.

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The antigay Kentucky senator, who is up for reelection in 2022, was taking calls from constituents when someone by the name of Alexis Toon phoned in to say: “Hi Senator! I’m a proud Kentucky citizen, and I just wanted to tell you to get f*cked.”

There was a long and very awkward pause before Paul’s aide stepped in to reply, “Alright, we’ll go ahead to our next question.”

Toon later posted the exchange on TikTok, along with the caption: “For some unknown reason they called and asked if I’d like to join the town hall Q&A so I took the opportunity and ran with it.”

The video also made its was onto Twitter, where it has racked up millions of views in just a few days.

Critics of Paul, who is being challenged for his seat by former Kentucky state legislator Charles Booker in next year’s midterms, are applauding Toon and calling her a “hero.”

Here’s what they’re saying on Twitter…

Meanwhile, Paul hasn’t commented on the embarrassing incident. But he did tweet for the 20 millionth time about how absolutely outraged he is that the FBI still hasn’t arrested any of the people who “attacked” him and his wife last August.

“The FBI arrested exactly zero of the mob who attacked my wife and me,” he tweeted  on Monday. “Meanwhile every day the FBI arrests anybody and everybody who came to DC on January 6th. Double standard? You bet!”

Seriously, he’s still talking about this?

Investigators announced last November that they would not waste valuable time and resources looking into the alleged “attack,” which happened last August as Paul and his wife were leaving the White House after Donald Trump‘s GOP convention speech, after reviewing video footage and determining no crimes were committed.

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