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Randi Weingarten Quits Job, Risking New Lesbian Power Couple’s Influence


Fresh from revealing she just formed a new lesbian power couple with Hilary Rosen, Randi Weingarten plans to give up her post as head of the United Federation of Teachers, where she’s been president since 1998 head of UFT’s New York City division. With a formal announcement expected next week, the one-time senatorial hopeful is facing plenty of criticism as she makes her exit, since UFT’s union contract with New York City expires this year, and there’s no deal with Mayor Michael Bloomberg yet in place. More troubling: Without leading some 200,000 educators, how ever will we be able to call Weingarten a lady of power?

Please don’t extinguish the dominating force of Weingarten+Rosen just yet! Especially when the New York Post is calling you “the most powerful politician in New York” who could — get this! — return calm to the New York State Senate. (Photo: NYT)