Randy Italian Ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi: “The More Gay People Around, The Less Competition”

Sure. I’m not a playboy, I’m a play-uomo [Playman]…In all these over-hyped descriptions of my relations with women, with the opposite sex, the only thing they have never accused me of is being gay.

I have nothing against homosexuals, let it be clear. Quite the contrary. I always thought the more gay people around, the less competition.

I’m kidding. No, those who want to criticize me create a misunderstanding and take advantage of this disposition of my character. In Italy, they know me. They know what I’m like, that I’m correct, a good guy, I’m respectful of others. … They don’t think that what is reported in newspapers is the truth.”

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, discussing his reputation for being a skirt-chaser, in The Atlantic

Source: The Atlantic via Gawker. Photo: La Moncloa

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  • Bab

    Oh yes, they know you indeed. They know you’re an underaged prostitute fucker, a hypocrite, a thief… ‘nough said

  • MikeE

    he’s not a “playboy”, nor a “playman”.
    he’s just a horny pig.
    the man is thoroughly disgusting.

    and yeah, he DOES hate gays.

  • MEJ

    Considering he pays for his women, I don’t think he needs to worry about competition.

  • Jeff

    A lot of heterosexual men have this viewpoint about gay men.

  • offbeatoh86

    If only he had said this while he was PM.

  • gnao

    while he was pm (11/02/2010),when asked to comment about the sex scandals he was in (and still is) he said: “it’s better to be attracted by pretty women then to be gay”! fortunately we had a new governement forced upon us by france and germany. even if it were the illuminati or whatever, i’m grateful! i was afraid we were never going to be rid of him!

  • Drake

    He wouldn’t even be in the news except that he makes shit statements like this occasionally. He is a totally over the hill has-been. A poster boy for using viagra with cockring and cialis all at once to get a stiffy.

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