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Randy Rainbow goes into hiding after dozens of old racist and transphobic tweets resurface

Randy Rainbow

We love Randy Rainbow.

Which is why it was so disappointing when we learned old racist, sexist, transphobic, and anti-Semitic tweets he wrote years ago had resurfaced. And, folks, it’s not, like, one or two tweets. It’s dozens.

LGBTQ Nation reports that an entire spreadsheet of tweets, authored between 2010 and 2016, began making the rounds on Twitter this week.

The tweets show a side to Rainbow we haven’t seen before, calling Black and Latino people murderers, thieves, and drug dealers, making 9/11 and rape jokes, and using anti-Semitic language.

In others, Rainbow mocks Asian men’s genitalia, calls lesbians masculine, and frequently uses the word “tr*nny.”

More examples of Rainbow’s tweets be seen on other sites.

To be fair, the vast majority of the tweets were written nearly a decade ago, and it seems highly unlikely that 39-year-old Rainbow would crack these same derogatory “jokes” today. Everyone makes mistakes. What’s important is that we learn from them and don’t repeat again.

What is a little strange, however, is that since the tweets resurfaced, Rainbow has gone into hiding. He hasn’t posted anything on social media and when LGBTQ Nation reached out to him for a comment, he never responded. Shortly after that, the tweets disappeared from his Twitter page.

Here’s how Twitter has been responding to the controversy…

We’re still waiting on that apology and an explanation, Randy.

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