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Rape is OK so long as it’s done by a Christian, Benham Brothers claim

The Benham Brothers are weighing in on the Roy Moore situation. Naturally, this means standing behind the alleged child molester and ripping apart his alleged victims.

In a new op-ed, the twinsies offer their thoughts on the sex scandal from a self-proclaimed “Christian perspective.”

Instead of believing Moore’s alleged victims, the brothers say, people ought to “pray for the truth to be known” and “seek restoration where needed.”

“Condemning and disassociating with a fellow believer based on accusations (some of which have already been upended) is not Christ-like,” they say.

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Also, why are people freaking out so much? the brothers want to know. All of this happened, like, a really long time ago.

“His most recent accusation was from 1991, which has yet to become a legitimate accusation. So we don’t believe there’s a pattern here.”

Not to mention, they add, many of Moore’s accusers have questionable moral backgrounds, as demonstrated by their marital statuses, financial situations, and political beliefs:

The first accuser lacks credibility with her three divorces, three bankruptcies and three charges against pastors for the very thing of which she accused Moore. The second was discovered to be a Democratic Party operative, working for both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. And the yearbook accuser couldn’t produce an authentic signature of Moore’s, despite demands from the Moore camp. The facts surrounding the other accusers are still quite gray.

Oh, and has anyone stopped to wonder how the victims and society at large might be culpable for what Moore may or may not have done?

“It’s glaringly hypocritical for our society to objectify women through pornography and ‘sex sells’ advertising and then condemn men for objectifying women,” they write.

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Ultimately, the twinsies say, this is all a conspiracy against conservatives.

“It’s abundantly clear to us there is an establishment agenda in D.C. against anyone who threatens to upend its control of our country,” they write. “We saw this with Trump, and we’re seeing it again with Roy Moore.”

Instead of taking the bait, the brothers urge their fellow Christians to “analyze our own lives very closely.”

“With everything happening in our culture today, now is a perfect time to renew our commitment to living morally pure,” they say. “Now is the best time to get right with Jesus and live faithfully for Him!”