Rapper J. Cole Says He Uses Antigay Lyrics To Start Discussion About Homophobia

JColeNo, not at all. It’s much different than the autism thing, it wasn’t conscious; that was a slip-up, being offensive without intent. The line was to engage the conversation of homophobia in Black culture and in hip hop. I thought it was going to be a way more interesting conversation that came from it. Of course I made the statement, but I thought from that it would spawn better conversations like, ‘Why are we so homophobic?’ Much more than I think any other culture, I don’t want to just compare it to white people, but in terms of jokes that you make — everything’s got to be ‘pause’ or ‘no homo.’ You cant even play basketball without someone saying, ‘pause.’ I’m not innocent of it. I am part of that same culture – but why? That line was supposed to be offensive and confusing, but I was hoping to have more conversations about it.”

— J. Cole responding to being asked if he regrets using the word “faggot” in his lyrics, in an interview with BET’s Clay Cane

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  • Bee Gaga

    I actually like J. Cole he’s a nice lyricist and seems to be a down to earth type of person.

  • QJ201

    Without the lyrics to assess the context in which faggot was used, smells like BS.

  • balehead

    The comments on here prove once again gays are their own worst homophobes….

  • MikeE

    @balehead: Yes balehead, you DO tend to be one of the worst offenders.

  • B Damion

    O.M.G…a story about a tired ass rapper who uses homophobic lyrics. Hhhmmmm…I’d rather hear more about Nick Gruber and his soap opera superficial life.


  • Polaro

    @balehead: While typically true, that makes no sense in the context of the comments here. Did something get deleted?

  • Pucifer

    By the same warped logic, white people should feel free to casually drop the word “n*****” (for the record: I find the word and the use of it repellent and offensive) into their conversations, you know, to facilitate a discussion of racism.

  • B Damion

    @Polaro, MikeE and balehead. Y’all throw more shade at folks on this forum then anyone else. Please leave the bitchy queeny comments to the femms like me. We are better at the delivery.

    oop..No tea! No shade!

  • Scribe38

    Cole said the following: “There will soon come a day when people in general, and rap artists specifically, are going to have to answer for their past usage of the word ‘faggot,’ much like the Grandfathers who are ashamed that they used the word ‘n*****’ as kids. At a time when public acceptance of gay rights is soaring (rightfully), hip-hop culture and general are still battling with homophobia (not excluding myself). Rather than run from it I chose to attack it playfully. Those lyrics are meant to make everyone uncomfortable for the sake of this very conversation.”)

  • Scribe38

    Going to give him a small pass on this one if he was actually trying to address ignorance of gays by the hip-hop community.

  • Scribe38

    @Pucifer: unfortunately I hear white teens drop it all the time. They honestly don’t mean it that way. They come from a different generation raised on rap music. Come to Southwest Detroit and hear whites, mexicans, blacks, toss it playfully around at each other. It bugs the hell out of me.

  • Rockery

    He’s Cute

  • Brian

    They use homophobic slurs because their marketing guys tell them to. It’s a marketing strategy.

  • Tackle

    This is why someone who is ignorant on a subject matter should cease from trying to be a spokes person & hold dialogues. You end up spreading lies.Holding up myths, and giving ammunition to racist. Yes there is homophobia in the Black community. (And I usa the word community loosely) But I don’t believe anymore than in the White communities. If the major community war so accepting, we would have had marriage equality long ago. And in terms of jokes, young White males do use or do gay jokes? Guess he’s not familiar with the voting patterns of the Mormon Church. Catholic Church. Church of Scientology. Westbro Baptist Church. Family Research Councle, and etc. etc. And equating homophobia with name calling is being very simplistic. Can he prove one way or the other which racial /ethnic groups are or have committed the most murders, bashings and have denied housing and rentals to GLBTQ people’s? Or which has fired, not hired or promoted based on sexual orientation? He cannot. Proved anything. But what he doe’s prove is how unqualified he is in taking on this subject.

  • Tackle

    Queerty why is my comment being flagged when it’s completely on the subject matter?

  • DarkZephyr

    @B Damion: I think you mean “No T, No Shade”. I know a lot of people say “Tea” but its actually “T” according to Ru Paul.

  • Tackle

    Queerty thanks for un-flagging, and posting my entire orginal comment #14.

  • balehead

    They always deleting the posts I make to explain my reasons….

  • Dr. Dick

    @Pucifer: Ummm ever seen ANY of Quentin Tarantino’s 90’s movies? Spoiler alert, they say n1993r A LOT lol, but it is totally appropriate to the context and the characters and thus, facilitates dialogue intelligently and effectively (and yes I am black, as if I need to qualify my approval of the word’s use)
    Offense lies in the intent, and words are not static constructs, but rather organic, evolving entities like the people/cultures that use them.
    and ps, he is effin SEK-SEE, sorry but that’s how I feel b1tchez :P

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