Rapper J. Cole Says He Uses Antigay Lyrics To Start Discussion About Homophobia

JColeNo, not at all. It’s much different than the autism thing, it wasn’t conscious; that was a slip-up, being offensive without intent. The line was to engage the conversation of homophobia in Black culture and in hip hop. I thought it was going to be a way more interesting conversation that came from it. Of course I made the statement, but I thought from that it would spawn better conversations like, ‘Why are we so homophobic?’ Much more than I think any other culture, I don’t want to just compare it to white people, but in terms of jokes that you make — everything’s got to be ‘pause’ or ‘no homo.’ You cant even play basketball without someone saying, ‘pause.’ I’m not innocent of it. I am part of that same culture – but why? That line was supposed to be offensive and confusing, but I was hoping to have more conversations about it.”

— J. Cole responding to being asked if he regrets using the word “faggot” in his lyrics, in an interview with BET’s Clay Cane