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Rapper Lil’ Yachty couldn’t care less if people think he’s gay, and that is why we stan

rapper-lil-yachty-sex-gay Rapper LIL YACHTY attends the 2017 BET HIP-HOP AWARDS red carpet on Friday, October 6th, 2017 at the FILLMORE MIAMI BEACH AT THE JACKIE GLEAN THEATER - USA
Rapper Lil’ Yachty just wants to get along.

Rapper/LGBTQ+ ally Lil’ Yachty says a lot of women probably think he’s gay because of how often he’s disinterested in sex with them. While that might seem like a humblebrag, it actually speaks to the pressure a lot of men feel to always be DTF (down to f*ck), even when they’re more interested in other things.

“A lot of times, I won’t, I don’t have sex and I think women probably think I’m gay,” the rapper confessed while speaking on Sofia with an F, the podcast of sex cultural influencer Sofia Franklyn.

“I just, I don’t care that much,” he continued. “A lot of times women think, if they’re flying out to you like that, we have to have sex or, like, that’s on my mind.”

The rapper said that, more often than not, he enjoys just hanging out with women to learn more about who they are or if he can enjoy their company “because I usually can’t.”

Franklyn called the rapper’s approach “an interesting concept,” noting that some women will question whether something is wrong with themselves if a guy doesn’t seem constantly interested in having sex with them.

“I’ve just had so much sex that, like, it’s diluted to me… It’s not what it used to be,” Lil’ Yachty continued. “I get off more on just really laughing because laughing is so good: to laugh, and it’s a real laugh, and it’s like ‘Yeah, we’re laughing together.'”

Honestly, the rapper is bringing up an issue that’s common but rarely discussed.

Whenever someone seems disinterested in sex, one might assume that they’re asexual, demisexual, or some other orientation that’s less interested in sexytimes.

But even though a lot of media depicts men, especially gay men, as constantly horny, the pressure for them to always want sex is a remnant of toxic masculinity.

It’s completely normal (and even preferable sometimes!) to be disinterested in sex. After all, people and life are interesting and complex. If we see everything solely through the singular lens of getting laid, we can overlook the many ways to explore and connect with others. Letting go of sex can actually relieve a great deal of pressure about behaving and performing in certain ways, leaving us free to try new things when meeting people.

In 2020, Lil’ Yachty clapped back at homophobic Twitter fans who criticized him for wearing a wig, dress, makeup, jewelry, and heels to humorously portray a female talk show host named Boprah in his video music entitled, “Oprah’s Bank Account.” Some commenters called the rapper gay or bisexual, others called him homophobic slurs, and yet another accused him of influencing young minds with inappropriate behavior.

Finally, the rapper responded by writing, “Bitch it’s just supposed to be entertaining… it ain’t even that deep. Y’all N*gga’s so in denial with y’all masculinity shit like this bother y’all.. relax.”

In 2017, he drew criticism for wearing a rainbow-colored mouthpiece and including an image of a gay couple kissing on the cover of his album, Teenage Emotions. Responding to homophobic attacks, Lil’ Yachty said, “If you have vitiligo or if you’re gay or whatever it is, embrace yourself. Love yourself. Be happy, positive.”

Watch “Oprah’s Bank Account” below…