Rapper Mykki Blanco Arrested In Portugal “For Being Gay”

20121120-mykkiblanco-2NYC-based queer rapper Mykki Blanco had just landed at the Lisbon airport on his way to perform at a gallery residency when he was reportedly arrested “for being gay.”

As anyone who’s deboarded in unfamiliar territory knows, things can get a little confusing trying to figure out ground transportation. Mykki was trying to decode the taxi situation but was brushed aside and called homophobic slurs by a police officer who had no problem helping the tourists behind him.

One woman in line allegedly said to him at the time, “I don’t know why they are being so strange with you, there is a place inside to buy taxi vouchers, you don’t need cash.”

The situation escalated, and after being brushed off again and called a “bicha” (the Portuguese equivalent of faggot), Mykki said “fuck you” to the officer, resulting in his detention and arrest.

Mykki posted to his Facebook , “I’m being arrested in Portugal for being gay.”

To clarify it seems like he was actually arrested for telling an asshole homophobic cop to go fuck himself, but that doesn’t make as good of a headline.

The really sick part is that after posting the story to Facebook, he received violently antigay reactions in the comments, prompting him to write:

“I’m leaving Portugal after my performance. Please stop writing hate speech, threatening to hang me, posting pictures of slaves and leaving gay hate messages on my page, I have seen a really disturbing side of this culture tonight.”

He was ordered to pay a 600 euro fine ($820).

If you aren’t familiar with him, here’s a video from the gender-bending rapper:

via Noisey

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