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Rapper Scotty Dynamo Comes Out In Locker Room Video; Was Julius Caesar Queer?

The Emmy nominations were announced yesterday and there’s a mix of the expected (Jessica Lange for her final season on American Horror Story), the bizarre (the much-maligned biopic Grace of Monaco as Outstanding TV Movie) and the sublime (RuPaul’s Drag Race‘s Mathu Andersen for Outstanding Makeup For A Multi-Camera Series Or Special).


There are many, many things that make iconic entertainer Liza Minnelli happy. Among them are watching her parents’ movies, late fashion designer Halston…and puppies!


You can add Spongebob Squarepants birthday cakes to the Christian baker’s no-no list. As the awesome Allison Lane reminds us in her latest parody video, Leviticus 11:12 forbids the consumption of shellfish.

Don’t disrespect Caitlyn Jenner on your smart phone or Siri will set you straight.

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If you consider The Golden Girls to be the gift that keep giving, you’re more right than you knew. The late, great Dorothy Zbornak Bea Arthur passed away in 2009, but bequeathed $300,000 to the Ali Forney Center, which will break ground next week on a center for homeless LGBT Youth Center that will bear her beloved name.



Rapper Scotty Dynamo informs us that he’s gay with “Show Me Yours,” his new music video set in a men’s locker room.

Sam Smith is at the forefront of stylish vocalists and will now put that good taste to good use by collaborating with high fashion house Balenciaga for a men’s line.


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If pop singer entertainer Las Vegas resident Britney Spears is what she eats, the mother of two is a big pile of pizza and double icing oreos, according to her handwritten grocery lists which sold on Ebay this week.


Make room Tom of Finland, it’s now time to heap some praise on the provocative art of George Quaintance.



That time Katie Couric let her hubby know she was in the mood for a little back-door action… or maybe it was just a prank text sent by Amy Schumer.


No one knows for sure whether Julius Caesar had same-sex affairs (it seems likely he did), but an Italian graffiti artist is doing his best to turn the powerful Roman emperor into a queer icon.


Comic Mike Diamond is not only a weblebrity, he’s a “certified life coach,” or so he claims… Anyway, he’s now doling out advice to innocent people on the streets of Hollywood in the series What’s Your Problem?

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