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Rapper The Game’s Homophobic Tweets: ‘D!ck In The Booty, Not Kool’

Jayceon Terrell Taylor, the 30-year-old Compton native and rapper better known as the Game, is taking some homophobic Twitter cues from his former G-Unit compadre 50 Cent. These guys might sometimes hate on each other, but they sure tweet like a pair of tandem jerks.

The proficient tweeter appears to have deleted his most vicious posts, but they were captured by MediaTakeOut.

Like many homophobes who refuse to believe they are homophobic, Game says he has no problem with you being gay. Just you being gay and having gay sex. “What kinda man let another man put his d!ck in his booty…. I’m just askin n!gga that sh!t krazy tho.” He included the hashtag “#buttpirates” on that tweet.

And that, friends, is the definition of homophobia: fear of gay people. Know what scares me? Having sex with a guy who’s always finding himself involving in random shootings.

When will rappers learn that the more they talk about dudes having butt sex, and how repulsed they are by it, the more we all assume they’re cruising Grindr?

Jeez, even 50 Cent — back when he was feuding with Game — thought so, posting this photo (that’s Game on left, Young Buck on right) on his blog in 2008: