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Rapper The Game’s Homophobic Tweets: ‘D!ck In The Booty, Not Kool’

Jayceon Terrell Taylor, the 30-year-old Compton native and rapper better known as the Game, is taking some homophobic Twitter cues from his former G-Unit compadre 50 Cent. These guys might sometimes hate on each other, but they sure tweet like a pair of tandem jerks.

The proficient tweeter appears to have deleted his most vicious posts, but they were captured by MediaTakeOut.

Like many homophobes who refuse to believe they are homophobic, Game says he has no problem with you being gay. Just you being gay and having gay sex. “What kinda man let another man put his d!ck in his booty…. I’m just askin n!gga that sh!t krazy tho.” He included the hashtag “#buttpirates” on that tweet.

And that, friends, is the definition of homophobia: fear of gay people. Know what scares me? Having sex with a guy who’s always finding himself involving in random shootings.

When will rappers learn that the more they talk about dudes having butt sex, and how repulsed they are by it, the more we all assume they’re cruising Grindr?

Jeez, even 50 Cent — back when he was feuding with Game — thought so, posting this photo (that’s Game on left, Young Buck on right) on his blog in 2008:

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  • Ryan

    Seriously..who cares?

  • Oh Boy

    Exactly. Who cares.

    They are so stupid with their subversive spelling like “cuz” and “kool” because they are pissed off at the world.

    Angry rappers are a dime a dozen.

  • atypicalG

    This actually made me laugh a little. And all I gotta say is…don’t knock it til you try it. AM I RIGHT?!

  • Lucas

    With all the kinky sexual activities straight people perform, they have absolutely no right to talk about us.

  • Enron

    Wow, that guys foot who is sitting on top of the other guy has huge feet.

  • adman

    The best thing about the game is that he’s a totally contrived pop star rapper, who’s faking being a thug. He’s like this “rap royalty” kid with family ties who was trained to do this from childhood, sans the gangster experience of growing up with nothing. I always thought the thugs who i grew up with couldn’t tell if they were deathly afraid of each other, (creating a requirement that they obsess over each other to the point of murder, think about it) or if they felt total joy when the “hood gets hot”. They are soooo into each other, that it stands to reason that they would “raise” and groom a young child in their image. Of course he’s not going to dissapoint, right? So here he is getting a hateful feeling of disgust and loathing, and thrilling to it. Um…right. Go smoke your bitches butthole thinking about some other guys ass, not mine! Freak of nature, culture, and history.

  • scott ny'er

    What a dumb ass. So all the straights who have anal sex, I guess that’s not Kool. Or is it ok for a woman to get a dick in the ass? Ugh. So many douches.

  • Scott

    You know what’s not cool? Hideous grammar.

  • jeff

    @Enron: that about the feet is hilarious

  • ousslander

    and this guy “writes” songs? too funny

  • jason

    Not how this dickhead The Game says “gay women cool”. This is the same double standard that came out of that putrid turd 50 Cent’s mouth in a Playboy interview about 5 years ago. If it’s a “hot lesbian” or “hot bi chick”, these men seem to like it. But woe betide if it’s a gay or bi guy.

    This homophobic double standard is typical of liberals. Liberals have spent more than a generation making porn movies that depict female-female sexual interactions as being compatible with the heterosexual mainstream. They’ve even taken to classifying female homosexual acts as “straight”. LOL.

    Liberals ought to shut the fuck up. We’re sick of the double standard. The Game and 50 Cent are compatible turds.

  • Daez

    Not to be racist, but I’ve yet to meet a black straight man that wasn’t obsessed with having anal sex with women.

  • samthor

    I’ll take this idiot seriously when his English & grammar goes above a 4th grade level.

  • prohomo

    He’s a rapper, the lowest of the low. Read: LOSER!!!!

  • Avenger

    He’s right.

  • _____


    LOL! Yeah, and what are YOU doing here on a gay site?

  • SteveC

    The Game is a dumb n!gga.

    That’s being racist by the way. He uses the expression ‘nigga’ himself.

    Therefore he has no problem with it.

    He is an ignorant, ugly n!gga.

  • RTF

    The Games is lame ass dick sucker and dick taker himself! He used to dance in front of gay men at a bar in California. He was happily grabbing money, but when his whack ass start rapping, he changed face. Fakes Ass bastard! I hope some plunges him with a 10×7!

  • Lady

    LOL! “He’s a rapper, lowest of the low.” these comments, yo! problematic. most of you need to read Hip-Hop Wars by Tricia Rose, and find out (1) how gangsta rap came to be popularized (thus killing true hip-hop) and (2) who makes money off these guys and how that drives the type of rap music being sold in the mainstream. others of you need to read a book about what racism actually is… cause y’all don’t seem to know…

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