end times

How to Celebrate the Rapture by Throwing Your Own End-of-the-World Party


The end is near!  If Judgment Day on May 21 has you stressed, we recommend throwing the End of the World Bash to end all End of the World Bashes … literally.

Sure, you don’t have time for handwritten invitations, evites, or even a Facebook invite. Just send out a mass text message out: “RAPTURE PARTY: My place, 4pm – eternity!”

Who cares if the dust bunnies are the size of actual bunnies or if your Kwaanza decorations are still hanging from the ceiling. (Kwanza 2008.)

Pull out several large garbage bags, fill them with empty wine bottles, dirty clothes, Hummels, dead plants and anything else you have cluttering up your living room. That’s clean enough for Judgement Day!

Of course, if you’re not ready to have guests over, that’s okay. Just check your local listings for an end times party in your town. The Mezz Bar in LA shrugs, “If the world’s gonna end we might as well go out with a bang,” and SF’s Q Bar boasts, “Got rapture issues? No problem! Here at Q Bar we dance like it’s the end of the world EVERY Friday.”

Now, if you’re in the mood to host the festivities, we’ll need to start with the menu.