Rascal Flatts’ Anthem for Same-Sex Loving


Country music isn’t just full of homophobes crooning to their trucks! And the list of exceptions isn’t only narrowed down to trans-loving Dolly Parton! Rascal Flatts, which sometimes straddles the line between country and pop, is out with a new track called “Love Who You Love,” and if you want to think it’s an ode to gay marriage, then have at it. Indeed, they’re fine with you thinking that way.

“We actually have some gay people that work with us, and we have a lot of friends that are gay, too, and I know that this song has inspired them,” says singer Gary LeVox to CMT. “I know that coming out was tough on their parents and on them and the whole entire family. For a long time, some of them didn’t get to hear ‘I love you’ from their dads or be accepted in that way. … It’s helped a lot of our friends.”

Adds guitarist Joe Don Rooney: “That’s what’s cool about our music. You can interpret (it like) that. If you get that — it’s perfect. If you are someone who’s gay or someone who’s straight, you still feel something from the song, and that’s what we want.”