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  • Meeg

    If that’s true that’s despicable (she’s his sister!). I remember when he was on Top Chef: he seemed like a huge jerk.

  • fredo777

    He did seem like a complete ass on Top Chef from what I recall.

    However, I’d also be pissed if she married someone who had an issue w/ gays. I mean, come on. She’s Ma-f*ckin’-donna. Talk about stupid.

  • todd

    So drag your sister (and probably the rest of your family) through the mud, for all the world to see. Classy, Christopher.

    Guy Ritchie’s biggest problem is likely only with one fussy, bitter queen in particular.

  • afrolito

    She dumped him because he’s a alcoholic drug addict. Writing a book about her is not gonna get him back in her good graces anytime soon.

  • ben

    If the main men in my life were rupert everett, christopher ciccone and guy ritchie, I’d probably be guilty of playing favorites as well..
    just sayin’

  • hells kitchen guy

    I doubt anyone marrying Madonna wouldn’t know what he was getting himself into, gay-friend-wise.

  • ChristopherM

    Absolute total agreement on the comments of Queerty…who would have predicted that? Christopher seemed like a gigantic asshat on Top Chef, and any homophobe who marries Madonna is a fool.

  • michael

    Madonna, at least once was the greatest friend of gay men the planet has ever known, gay men all around her, all the time, then she marries an alleged homophobe? Hmmm, don’t we only hate in others what we hate in ourselves? Does Madonna even speak out much about gay issues? I mean we have probably bought at least a couple of her homes for her. And I always felt something coming with the whole gay thing when she joined that Kabbalah cult. I have a feeling that all the above is true. But thats just my opinion.

  • russell

    It cant be easy living in anyones shadow least of all the big shadow cast by a cultural phenomenon like Madonna. Whatever the reasons are that they are estranged it is sad that a sibling would right a tell all book about another. It doesnt look good at all. Is it for healing? nope. Is it payback? maybee. Does anyone care? maybee.
    Does anyone remeber what all the negative publicity did for Madonnas career in the early days? the worse it was the more popular she became. lol Maybee he is doing it for the $$$.
    not a bad reason but will you remember him tomorrow? Nope.

  • russell

    I dont think it is the gay thing. Guy Ritchie married a gal whose career could be broken by alienating the gay community. do you think a woman who wore a cone bra and simulated masturbation on stage would marry a homophbe? Please! be serious.

  • RPCV

    I agree with Guy. I’m uncomfortable around queens, too. In fact, I despise them. If I wanted a woman, God would have made me str8. I wish the worst of tragedies to all queens…………

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