Raul Castro: Put’s the Gay in Communist…Or something.


As you know, Fidel Castro‘s days are numbered. While no one seems to know what number we’re on, it’s been pretty clear since July that he’ll soon be heading to the big commune in the sky.

In the meantime, he’s handed power over to his baby bro: Raul Castro [pictured, in happier times]. One thing we’re sure you’ll find interesting, as the newly revived Radar Magazine did, is that Raul’s a big ‘mo. While not officially out, rumors of his cock sucking ways pervade the country and he’s often referred to as “el maricon.” For those of you not versed in Spanish, that means “the faggot”. [See, who says blogs aren’t educational?]

Radar writes: “Asked how widespread the belief is, a member of a Cuban exile family from Miami told Radar simply, ‘Everyone knows Raul is gay.'”

So, if Fidel dies and Raul takes over, what are the odds he’ll ditch this whole Communist thing and turn Cuba into one big gay party? Well, not very good, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.

What’s Eating Raul? [Radar Online]