Rawhide Radicals: Meet Five Heroes From The Leather Community


Danny Logan, 25
New York, NY
Mr. Fire Island Leather 2011

On most nights, Danny Logan dolls it up as drag queen Dallas DuBois, one of the top drag queens in New York, where she performs at Barracuda, Industry and other top clubs. But, though Logan (above at far left) is a relative newcomer to the leather scene, he admits to dabbling with gear since his teen years: “The leather pageants are just like Miss America, except with fewer covered-up outfits, and minus the talent portion and catty behavior,” he dishes. “Just don’t be surprised if another contestant pours a bottle of lube on the floor in hopes that you slip!” Openly HIV+, Logan advocates for homeless LGBT youth and does HIV/AIDS outreach and education work. Last year, he was featured on an episode of ABC’s What Would You Do?,  in which patrons at a restaurant responded candidly (and sometimes unattractively) to his HIV status. The episode resulted in speaking engagements and radio interviews, in which he was able to further address “the stereotypes and struggles people living with HIV face,” he explains.

Though he usually ventures out to Fire Island in heels and wig, he entered Mr. Fire Island Leather in 2011—and won. He credits the leather community with helping him gain self-confidence and embrace his true, dichotomous identity. “As both a professional drag performer and now a title-holding leather boy, my job is to show that, like life, there are gray areas in our community. It’s not so ‘cookie-cutter.’”

Photo: Fire Island Q News