Raymond Burr’s Gay Life Wide Open

Raymond Burr’s private gay life will soon be made public in a new biography.

The Perry Mason actor told suits and the public that he had lost a wife and son, but Burr actually lived in 35-year long committed relationship with another man, Robert Benevide.

Here’s a taste:

Once Perry Mason took off, the dead-wife-and-son story was repeated time and again. Raymond could have ended it all right then and there, blaming the mix-up on an overeager studio publicist or on his youthful showbiz naïveté. But he chose to continue perpetrating the fabrications by refusing to address them.

Raymond’s grueling Perry Mason shooting schedule would have made it difficult for him to have a romance with a member of either sex. So he used his long hours on the set as a convenient excuse whenever the subject of remarrying was raised. “I am an unmarried man, as opposed to a single man,” he lectured one reporter in November 1957.

Clever distinction, no?