Hate mail

Read the homophobic letter someone sent to “the d*ck sucking f*ggot Brian Sims”

Rep. Brian Sims, who recently welcomed Mike Pence to Philadelphia with a one finger salute, shared some of the homophobic hate mail his office received earlier this week.

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The first profanity-laden letter is addressed to “The d*ck sucking f*ggot Brian Sims” and includes no shortage of childish references to gay sex acts, four-letter words, and calls for violence against the out lawmaker:

A second letter, presumably written by the same person, calls for “more Pulse nightclubs [sic] incidents”:

The letter’s return address: “Retired USA MSG Sniper.”

But if the sender was hoping to upset Sims, his letter seems to have had the opposite effect.

The 39-year-old lawmaker shared the note yesterday on Facebook, along with the caption:

?DEAR BIGOTS: When my Office gets letters like this, I’m reminded of today’s Marriage Equality anniversary and of last night’s Democratic National Committee #LGBTQ Gala.

My PRIDE in being a member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities is so much greater than any nastiness or aggression you’ll ever send my way because of it. This is a battle you can’t win.

My communities are stronger than you, more resilient than you, and have more reasons than ever before to FIGHT for our country!


Threatening a government official is a felony under federal law that carries a penalty of five to ten years in prison.

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