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  • Mike Hipp

    Here’s my query on this subject.

    1. The Army is made up of good, patriotic Americans who follow orders.
    2. Good upstanding citizens look up to and admire the Armed forces and those that serve in them.

    Will the Army now not giving a shit about whom you sleep with have any effect on the broader culture at large? Is it as goes the armed forces, so goes the nation?

  • Trevor Bartlet

    Now with any luck, DADT will become STFU about it. Nobody cares.

  • Sebizzar

    So glad it’s done with. And it better not EVER return.

  • Steve

    This isn’t quite finished.

    There are still several court cases in progress. Soldiers who were thrown out, have not been made whole. They want back-pay, benefits, and retirement or reenlistment.

    If a civilian corporation fired people for “being” a minority, they would be entitled to back-pay, benefits, and retirement, and other damages.

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