Heavens to Murgatroyd

Ready for a new comic portraying Snagglepuss as a “gay Southern Gothic playwright”?

So: Snagglepuss is a gay Southern playwright hanging out with the likes of Tennessee Williams, Marlon Brando, and Dorothy Parker in 1950s New York.

That’s the elevator pitch for an upcoming comic book by Hanna-Barbera and DC, as imagined by writer Marc Russell — the same mind behind the current post-modern reimagining of  The Flintstones.

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“I envision him like a tragic Tennessee Williams figure,” Russell tells CBR. “Huckleberry Hound is sort of a William Faulkner guy, they’re in New York in the 1950s. Marlon Brando shows up, Dorothy Parker, these socialites of New York from that era come and go.”

As The AV Club points out, the thought of Snagglepuss being gay is nothing new — it’s an old-hat joke that was even the basis for this 2008 SNL sketch:

But this time, you can expect “nuance” regarding the cartoon mountain lion’s sexuality, if Russell has anything to say about it.

The creature, ever-so-fond of exclaiming “Exit, stage left!,” will now be “dealing with the cultural scene of the 1950s, especially on Broadway, where everybody’s gay, or is working with someone who’s gay, but nobody can talk about it — and what it’s like to have to try to create culture out of silence.”

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