Ready To Shell Out Money For The Chris Crocker Documentary?

NYC filmmakers Chris Moukarbel and Valerie Veatch wanna make a documentary about Chris “Leave Britney alone” Crocker called Me At The Zoo. According to them, Crocker is “regarded by millions as the Internet’s first rebel folk hero,” “the first internet celebrity to cross over into mainstream media” (y’mean porn?) “and is part of the first wave of young people coming into adulthood under constant self-surveillance.” All they need is $17,218. Are you in?

You can get a producer credit, a signed poster, tickets to the NYC premiere, and a thank you video from Crocker himself just for donating $10,000… cheap!

To be honest, the trailer looks about as interesting as Jonathan Caouette’s 2003 documentary Tarnation and far less depressing.

Plus the directors are kinda hot and that never hurts.