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Real Housewives Dana Wilkey: Lying About Your Sports Car “Is So Gay”

Dana Wilkey, one of the secondary pod people cast members on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, was “surprised” by paparazzi outside a birthday party in L.A. recently. The celebrity party planner (she’s the one who whipped up a $60,000 tea party for Taylor’s 4-year-old daughter in Season One) might have been celebrating a little too hard: When a paparazzo acted surprised that she actually had a Lamborghini, Wiley blurted out “Why would I lie about that?,” she laughed. “That’s so gay!”

On her Bravo profile page, Wilkey says her interests including hiking, travel and the study of the brain.

Dana, when you find yours please let us know.


Source: RumorFix via Towleroad


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