Real Housewives Of New Jersey‘s Joe Gorga Gets Gay For Attention

There are many reasons a heterosexual man might jump up onto a platform at a gay bar and begin taking off his clothes: drunkenness, a girlfriend or wife who finds this sort of behavior  kinky, general fun-loving exhibitionism, contractual obligations…

With Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Joe Gorga (brother to table-flipping Teresa Guidice), it could be any or all of those things. This was the guy, after all, who participated in a drunken brawl at a christening in the first episode of the current season.

But in reality, Mr. Gorga simply decided to join a party at NYC’s gay sports bar Boxers last week, when Housewives homo Greg Bennett, roommate of brothers Albie and Chris Manzo, was celebrating his birthday. (Chris and Albie, Caroline Manzo’s kids, affectionately refer to Bennett as their “mister,” an abbreviation of “man-sister.”) And in the spirit of the day, Gorga decided to take his shirt off while dancing on a table.

Look, at least nobody’s fighting.

Image via Wilsonmodels.com

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  • Maddie

    Were people hahahaha sleep?

  • Zen

    hahaha. aside from how belligerent he gets when he seems to drink heavily at EVERY family event/holiday, he is pretty funny.

  • Haightmale

    He doesn’t get belligerent like Theresa’s homophobic pig husband. Melissa’s husband seems fun, and he and his wife are fag hags, and I have a feeling Greg holds back when the cameras are around. You know he wanted to go wild when he picked up the Xmas trees made of pink feathers.


  • christopher di spirito

    Joe Gorga is cool. I have a brother-in-law a lot like him. Totally confident about his sexuality and not afraid to ham it up with the gay guys.

  • Maddie

    I want know what happened in new york??? I heard the a strom is this true? Because God’s angry for bad people

  • ChrisC

    @Maddie: What the fuck is wrong with you? Go troll somewhere else.

  • Ron

    I’d fight with Gorga any day.

  • Jamie Noir

    I’d hit that. Hard.

  • slanty

    Is that a cross on his neck? Rip that thing off before you dance in a gay bar. Please.

  • Bryn Lunt

    This man gets me hot under the collar. Oh my.

  • Mike

    I think this man is bisexual at the very least. Watch this season of RHONJ and you’ll see what I mean. Watch your step, Melissa, someone’s gonna steal him! lol!

  • Desdemona

    I don’t care if he has the IQ of a neanderthal, you just know that man is a savage beast in bed. yum

  • Meowzer

    Not smart. Doesn’t have to be. He’s freekin’ hot!

  • bamabeau


    Melissa is apparently bi herself (the Enquirer ran a story about a lesbian affair she had when she was a teenager), she and Joe are rumored to have an open marriage, and he’s an uncontrollable horndog by his own admission, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was open to experimenting. And yeah, he seems to enjoy crossdressing a little too much. :)

  • Ed

    I think hes the coolest one on the show.

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