Real Housewives Of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice Says Husband Joe Loves The Gays

The ladies of the Real Housewives of New Jersey might look like drag queens but RHONJ cast member Theresa Guidice is battling rumors her husband, Joe, is a homophobe.

In an interview with Star magazine, the reality star says, despite Joe making a crude gay joke this season, he loves the queers.

“Joe came to the gay bar with me, and we had so much fun!” Teresa says in the article. “It’s so obvious he is not at all homophobic. Both my husband and I have many gay friends—in fact, we have a very close friend who just bought a house with his partner to be close to our beach house.”

Joe recently told Andy Cohen that he learned to use words like “faggot” as a kid. “Growing up, we always used the word… doesn’t mean anything. That just was in our vocabulary,” he said. “Now, I don’t use the word anymore because it’s not appropriate and people don’t want to hear that.”

Teresa, who has supposedly found evidence of Joe’s unfaithfulness, recalls one touching moment at a same-sex wedding: “He thought their vows were so heartfelt, he was actually welling up while they were reciting them!”

Maybe he was reminded of an unhappy memory?