Real Life Magic Mike Club Sues After Being Made To Cover The Goods

A gay strip club in North Miami Beach is suing the city, claiming demands it cover up its dancers amount to discrimination.

NMB has banned total nudity in clubs where liquor is sold since 1994, but the ordinance has never been enforced until Swinging Richards, a gay venue on Biscanyne Boulevard, opened in October. Owner C.B. Jones says it’s a double standard: “Female dancers have been allowed to dance nude and serve alcohol for years but as soon as a gay club is introduced the city has wanted to enforce old ordinances.”

As the Miami Herald points out, the club was never cited for violations during the decades it was a straight club featuring nude female dancers. Dean’s Gold and G5ive Lounge, two other NMB venues, also offer female nudity and have never had a problem. Now, the city wants to bring all three clubs up for violations.

“Does everyone want to see nude male dancers onstage? Unequivocally no,” Jones said. “But do they have as much right to view male performers as heterosexual patrons have to view female performers. Is the city’s reaction to nude male performances fair? Is this equal protection or is this discrimination against gender or sexual preference? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

Is this the last frontier of LGBT rights?

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  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)


  • dailyposter.

    Miami is and has always been an extremely homophobic town. GLAD they are suing!

  • MJ

    Hope they win! they have a great case. any case that causes the city of Miami to have to pay up makes me happy.

  • IonMusic

    The very bigots who are trying to patrol gay strip clubs with laws are the same bigots who have no issue with going to straight strip clubs and getting full nude lap dances. To which it DOES happen at straight clubs in Miami.

  • FanofDance

    Catholic latinos have ruined Miami.

  • Jay

    Heterosexuals have a double standard for everything in their lives. They have a sense of entitlement that they THINK they can carry over everywhere. Sorry, but push us gays to a corner and we WILL fight back. and fight back hard. Even if that means a court room. Too often straight cops will let straight couples having sex in look out points in every city get away with it. But they want to police gays everywhere. It’s the breeders who are the trouble creators.

  • Mission2Time

    Who cares if a grown adult wants to pay to see another grown adult dance naked? Seriously, what are we in 1964? actually in 1964 there WERE plenty of nudie bars all around the country. We’re been regressing instead of progressing when it comes to PERSONAL freedoms.

  • VacationDude

    It’s 2012. Some people like to dance nude. Others like to watch them, and pay for a drink. This country is becoming like some fundementalist middle eastern regime. Xtiantaliban at work, and things like this will happen. Next they’ll ban sex shops. Or sex toys being sold in stores period.

  • michael

    Hey a bartender in nyc told me it wasn’t a strip club Channing Tatum worked at, he was a go go boy in a gay club.

  • Gay Bacon

    @FanofDance: LOL as opposed to Catholic whites/blacks? Nice try troll.

  • Gay Bacon

    Instead of alcohol they should have hookahs and load them with salvia LMAO both are totally legal AND you’ll see the cash flowing after one hit :))

  • Baba Booey

    @Jay: You couldn’t be anymore right.

  • Chris-MI

    I disagree with Jay and Baba. Not that homophobia isn’t a factor here, but I think the main issue is gender. Women are supposed to be objects you can buy and sell; men are supposed to be intelligent free agents. The problem is not men in the audience; it’s men on the stage. Do you really think it would help Swinging Richard’s cause if they encouraged straight women to come in and help pester the boys?

  • Spike

    Wow, Queerty is really stretching it in order to keep the Magic Mike posts going. Curious why news that involves a male strip joint that caters to women, as in str8t women, would have any significance to the gay community. Or let me guess, it was the new str8t girl employee that posted this.

  • Truth Hurts

    @Gay Bacon: Actually, I agree with Fanofdance. Catholic Latinos in my opinion are the most homophobic people one can encounter, but often never actually live up to any of their own supposed virtues. Many kids, kids who are foul mannered, and overtly sexual, yet claim to be sooo religious. Observing facts doesn’t make one evil, just makes them observant

  • Cortz

    @Gay Bacon:
    Uhh, you must not have been to Miami recently. Dominicans and Puerto Ricans ruined that city and every neighboring town. and badly so.

  • Esculapio Mitiríades Torquedama de la Cueva

    @Cortz: @Truth Hurts: Would’ve been a lot easier to say you’re ra cist.

    Which you are.

    Both of you are ra cist.

  • Dirty Ole Man

    @Esculapio Mitiríades Torquedama de la Cueva: Stop ur racist nonsense. This is a religious issue: Catholic Mexicans, Cubans, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Baptist (and Red Neck) Texans, Alabamans, yada yada

  • T_Jervis

    Right-wing Cubans have ruined Miami :(

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