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  • Paul

    This guy is UGLY! Who cares if he is masculine. And, what a dump! He couldn’t find a better backdrop for his photo?

  • The Milkman

    It puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose.

  • scott

    Plastic covering the doors and a circa 1978 tv plugged into the ceiling?? He may claim to be masculine, powder blue speedo to the contrary, but he certainly didn’t get the gay decorating gene.

  • stevenelliot

    the decor is a farce, right? I mean. That backdrop is meant to throw us off the scent. What gay man lives in a shithole like that with a set of golf clubs thrown in the corner and a tv bought at a yard sale…….

    The only thing sexy I see about that foto is the rooms potential for a design overhaul LOL aka HGTV

  • Jake

    @The Milkman: LOL!!!
    Funny men turn me on! :-)

  • macscruff

    I love these photos. The sets look like real apartments and rooms, Ive seen a hell of a lot worse. Besides, these are more art, then sexy photos.

    This guy is a very handsome guy, real and probably very down to earth. This is refreshing to see. Personally I am sick of airbrushed, fake tanned queens, or overly done and manicured men.

  • Peter

    @stevenelliot: Clearly it’s a set

  • schlukitz

    Looks like the first five-floor walk-up, cold-water flat I had on Greenwich Street in the Village in New York City when I was in my early twenties. LOL

    The bathtub was in the kitchen with a wooden slab over it to make it look like a kitchen counter top. LOL

  • trickytoro

    I find this photographers body of work quite interesting. The cruising set in particular while showing very little is pretty titilating.

  • HayYall

    You bitches are missing all the points.

    He has a 5″ dick and fat thighs, who cares what the decor looks like???

  • Craig Sanders

    No man with a shaved chest is at his “most masculine.”

  • Colt

    From the look of things I think 5″ is being generous.

  • Lex

    Rawr catty queens with their claws sharp. You go girls…

  • schlukitz


    Compared to the model, the decor is at least worthy of commentary. LOL

  • photoyou

    I hate to ask, but why is there plastic on the doors? Does he shoot THAT much?

  • Morgan

    The actual series of photos are pretty nice and their quotes about masculinity are funny, especially Luke’s; “I am masculine because I abandon women after taking their love. Because when you study Freud, you don’t let him study you. Because I study philosophy, not literature.”
    This guy is gonna make a killing selling real man t-shirt slogans.

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