Real Or Fake?: Woman Arrives Home, Discovers Gay Husband’s Secret Love Affair

Screen-shot-2013-07-03-at-10.57.17-AMOooooh, child! The sistah is in rare form today!

A “sistah” fan of the blog Black Media Scoop submitted this photo yesterday to “reassure the ladies that Its Real Out Here and Its Packs U Cant Take Back [sic] So Always (No Matter What) Protect YoSelf [sic].” According to her, the man sucking his thumb is her husband, and she has no idea who the man lying beside him is.

“This is a real pix [sic],” she begins. After leaving work early one night, she arrived home and “saw what you are seeing.”

She continues:

“I took this pix [sic] with my camera. I did not wake my husband. I just left. He has not seen me since. He has not attempted to call me or even drive to my work place.”

She then says that “every so called man ain’t no real man,” of course, because “Black Media Scoop” is the authority on what makes a “real” man, and it’s certainly not a gay one!

Our fake-dar is ringing off the charts right now, because we’ve never met a woman—especially one that calls herself “sistah”—that would have left her gay husband’s love affair undisturbed.

What do you think?