Real World DC‘s Mike Manning Is Going to Rip Off Adam Bouska For the Sake of Activism

Mike Manning, the bi guy from Real World DC, in January posed for photographer Adam Bouska’s NOH8 Campaign, joining some 4,000 souls who’ve dealt with ripping duct tape off their bare skin. So inspired by Bouska’s work, he’s now going to copy the entire project.

Manning is planning his own “End Hate Campaign” — which, depending on how you look at things, will either compete with or compliment Bouska’s work.

Why is Mike launching his own project? Aside from all the activist fuzzies he’s feeling after interning with HRC? Because “we can’t use the trademarked NOH8 design … so we’re creating our own,” he writes on Facebook. So his idea will be “customized” and “with a few changes. … [E]veryone will write ‘I want to End Hate___’ and then write something about their own lives. (i.e. For my brother, because of my mom, because it’s wrong, etc.)”

So how will Mike’s be different? “It will be colored tape and the personal sign. Then afterwards we will make it into a video, put it on Youtube, and everyone participating will change their FB profile pics to the End Hate pic. And everyone can make their own videos and pics and participate.”

Asks Mike of his Facebook fans: “How does that sound?” It sounds brilliant! So brilliant Adam Bouska, uh, already did it. But hey, to each his own.