Real World DC‘s Mike Manning Is Going to Rip Off Adam Bouska For the Sake of Activism

Mike Manning, the bi guy from Real World DC, in January posed for photographer Adam Bouska’s NOH8 Campaign, joining some 4,000 souls who’ve dealt with ripping duct tape off their bare skin. So inspired by Bouska’s work, he’s now going to copy the entire project.

Manning is planning his own “End Hate Campaign” — which, depending on how you look at things, will either compete with or compliment Bouska’s work.

Why is Mike launching his own project? Aside from all the activist fuzzies he’s feeling after interning with HRC? Because “we can’t use the trademarked NOH8 design … so we’re creating our own,” he writes on Facebook. So his idea will be “customized” and “with a few changes. … [E]veryone will write ‘I want to End Hate___’ and then write something about their own lives. (i.e. For my brother, because of my mom, because it’s wrong, etc.)”

So how will Mike’s be different? “It will be colored tape and the personal sign. Then afterwards we will make it into a video, put it on Youtube, and everyone participating will change their FB profile pics to the End Hate pic. And everyone can make their own videos and pics and participate.”

Asks Mike of his Facebook fans: “How does that sound?” It sounds brilliant! So brilliant Adam Bouska, uh, already did it. But hey, to each his own.

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  • terrwill

    Before the haters come out and start hating on Mike……He is a good looking, articulate, intelligent person with a good story to tell (small town boy just trying on his Gay skin, Mom is aprehensive but she and Dad are 100% behind their Son). He has a built in following from the millions of viewers who saw him on Real World……….Instead of saying fcuk you for his contribution how bout thank you????

  • AndrewW

    Mike’s “story” is part of what actually inspires people to think again about LGBT-issues. It is a helpful part of the cultural conversation.

    +70% of people with FaceBook Accounts support our equality – because they are under the age of 30. I hope he goes beyond the Facebook gimmick and tries something more meaningful. I never saw the show, but I think he’s a “gay-Christian.” Christianity is still the primary source of bigotry in America. Maybe he could speak up in that community.

    Parents are another story. His Mom should talk to other Moms and teach them about love.

  • Nico

    If Adam Bouska ain’t bothered, why should we be?

    It’s about visibility and saturation is a good thing. Sometimes all it takes is tweaking an idea a tiny bit to make it appealing to a whole new group of folks.

    There can never be to many gay rights campaigns as far as I’m concerned.

    As long as there are ANY anti-gay laws on the books or policies being implemented in this country I say it takes all kinds and actions on all fronts.

    Any young person who wants to do positive things for gay people and use their celebrity to bring attention to inequality, I’m all for it.

    Taste the rainbow.

  • Qjersey

    okay here’s the hate: Just another celebrity wanna be fame whore from a reality show trying to extend their 15 minutes.

    Remember when Reichen and his BF won Amazing Race? Reichen when the fame whore route, while his now ex-partner went to work for LGBT issues in Florida without issuing a press release.

  • Alexander

    Why not? At least if Mike’s project will be realised not as stupid as the Defec8 one.

  • terrwill

    @Qjersey: Wow only took 23 minutes!
    He could have done as hundreds of ex-reality “stars” have done and immmediately moved to Hollywood to attempt to cash in on their fame…….Instead he is moving to DC to attempt to make some positive change there where one cannot expect buckets of cash to rain down on him.. …….WTF must so many Gays always toss the hate out there??? A circular firing squad kinda defeats the purpose……

  • Scott in NYC

    Mike is well-intentioned, but I struggle with how articualte/intelligent he comes across. He seems to spout out slogans more than anything else…when he was on the show, I admired his dedication to the HRC events/protests but was somewhat taken back by his inability to form a human sentence of his own beyond a canned tagline. True to form, he is now taking on a campaign to end hate (admirable) that is almost a complete rip-off of an idea already execute, much like a slogan someone else put together (questionable).

    MIke came across well on the show…but, given his somewhat uncreative, inarticulate ideas and delivery, I wonder if anyone would truly give a @#[email protected] about what he’s up to if he didn’t have a great body with a cute face.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    Geez Queerty, you do know that there are many other gay agenda websites covering many of the same stories you cover?

    Every bit helps — and if this kid reaches new audiences, well, thank him for his efforts.

  • Joey

    ugh! your 15 minutes are up. stop struggling to stay in the spotlight. there’s a new gay coming up in the next REAL WORLD. step aside.

  • uhhh

    Hate to break it to ya, Mike is NOT moving to DC. He’s made it pretty clear he’s moving to LA LA Land to become an “Actor”.

  • edgyguy1426

    I love it. The poster with the most hate-filled diatribes on this blog has schooled you; Don’t come out and hate on his little Mike.

  • defec8 luvr

    how fun – he’ll prolly add all the pornstars he hangs with first to get attention, then he’ll go for his real world peeps (aka – the people who can’t do anything but stay on a show or shows/challenges since no one else will have them) and then the friends, family… u? me?

    fuck that.

    i’d rather put fake shit all over my body then give in to him. hopefully he takes the big brother guy doing porn route & gets topped by a hot hairy daddy.

    skip the wannabe activism & do a sex tape – it’s what everyone really wants to see…

  • MikeCManning

    Hey thanks guys for all of the exposure, and for taking the time to leave comments. Although all of them aren’t supportive, I’d like to encourage you all to take the time and actually pay attention to the events that I’m doing. I’m creating a website (up in a matter of days) with all of my OWN thoughts on things that people have written me about (a younger fan base that whether you like it or not WILL be the future of our movement). We should take the time to educate and mobilize them. I’m travelling around speaking my OWN words at HRC events, PFlag events (this weekend in DC actually), and universities. Instead of being so quick to “judge” (funny that you’re so good at it when it’s the thing you preach against), maybe you could try and, dare I say, be supportive of someone that is trying to push the pro-Equal Rights agenda.
    That’s all…

  • AndrewW

    @MikeCManning: Assuming this comment is legit . . . Do YOU believe HRC is effective? If so, why?

    HRC has spent +$550 million during the last 30 years and they don’t have much to show for it. They earn a good living, but they have spent the majority of their funds on lobbying, and we’ve never passed a single law in the US Congress. (Holding the Defense Budget hostage to get the Hate Crimes Bill approved is not affirmative passage.)

    I’d like to hear your thoughts.

  • urge182

    @Joey: Dude, your a tool… Mikey has been doing nothing but good for GLBT for quite a few years not… Before RW… If you know anything about Mike you would understand that he could give two shits about 15min’s of fame… Don’t be mad just because you didn’t make the cut for RW, or what ever it is that makes you want to hate on someone thats trying to make a change!

  • Alyssaa

    Just how in the HELL is he ripping it off?? Mike has every freedom to do what he is doing. No, he cant use the NOH8 symbol. But because of how much he cares, he is willing to do something else. And for all you know, Mike could have told Adam about this. Maybe Adam likes the idea. Plus Adam Bouska isn’t the only one who uses duct tape for this. Don’t rip on Mike Manning just because he wants to help make a difference in this hateful world. I love you Mike<3

  • urge182

    Mikey, I totally understand what it is your doing. All you can do is take the negative coments with a grain of salt, process, and grow from them. People are always going to hate on whatever it is your doing because of tv and untill they actually know and understand, coments like these will continue. I say PSSHHH…. to all the BS people come up with. Negativity is just a speed bump not a road block.

  • K8 NOH8

    Hey TerriWill, Mike IS moving to Hollywood to try to extend his 15 minutes of fame. He is not moving to DC to push for equal rights, he’s just trying to extend his 15 mins of fame, like everyone else here has said. Get your facts straight! He used his “advocacy” role on the show to launch his own personal career, and now he’s probably going to throw that by the wayside so he can try to be “famous.” It’s pretty funny in a sad kind of way, just like his “EndHate” campaign (very original, by the way!)…

  • James B

    Defec8, hilarious comment! Funny how the kid hangs with pornstars one weekend in LA then a few weekends later his a “role model” at his PFLAG event in DC. He has no clue what he’s doing, but he just chasing every shiny thing that comes his way with hope that it will get him famous somehow.

    Mike, we aren’t judging you, we are just calling it what it is: you are trying to be famous… But the only way that can happen is if you do a sex tape like Defec8 said (only half joking). Nobody really wants to see any more than that…

  • terrwill

    @MikeCManning: Unfortnately waaaaay too many times here on Queerty Street you will find BQs (bitter queens) who’s sole purpose in putting their fingers on the keyboards is to snipe at anyone who is featured attempting to do some good for the community. I give you kudos for having the massive balls to come out on the TVs and allowing millions to witness it. I and many more appreciate the fact that you have been given a platform and are attempting to do some good for the Gay cause, and am sure you will contribute much more in the future…..

  • Zack Hunt

    I haven’t watched MTV in a decade, so I’m only tangentially aware of this guy. While is intentions are good, his project does come off as a copy, mostly because of the duct tape. The sign idea is a good one and is being used incredibly effectively in Australia’s “This is Oz” campaign:


    As for the fame whore thing, Mr. Manning is making a (presumably paid) appearance tomorrow at a Fort Lauderdale gay club. I’ll let of you decide if this is fame whoring, a way to finance a vacation to South Florida, or merely a means to the end of helping improve LGBT lives.


  • glasshouses

    First, to echo:

    “There can never be to many gay rights campaigns as far as I’m concerned. As long as there are ANY anti-gay laws on the books or policies being implemented in this country I say it takes all kinds and actions on all fronts.”

    Hear! Hear! Not just as someone who likes Mike but digs the idea of more campaigns, especially those that showcase aspects of humanity, I think it’s great. I’m not bothered by the “copying” aspect, even if it is true. Indeed, the same tactic as the signs in this campaign/Oz have even been echoed in a number of other settings. I believe that the To Write Love on Her Arms and even the Race for the Cure campaigns have done something similiar. Further, in terms of expression, similar styles, topics, and executions have been part of artistic landscapes for centuries.

    Looks great to me and I would even think that Adam Bouska would be positive. I mean, imitation, flattery, you know.

  • James B

    Zack, at least his event in Fort Lauderdale isn’t with a bunch of gay pornstars like his LA/WeHo events… Or maybe it is…


  • MikeCManning

    Yes, I AM moving to LA… but you fail to mention that I will be working with the HRC on dozens and dozens of speaking events, to different audiences and demographics around the country – so I’ll hardly be there. And although they (actions of HRC) aren’t perfect, they are doing SOMETHING, and a whole lot more than sitting behind their keyboards “sniping” people’s pro-equality ideas (as Terrwill accurately put it).

    Now if you have something constructive to say that will help me further the cause and push for equality (coming from someone who is using this “15 minutes” as you call it to expose unlikely audiences to the injustices in America towards the LGBT minority), then I’m all ears. Otherwise, if you are going to throw stones and try to make excuses on why I’m not genuine or “good” for the cause – I’ve received enough hateful comments from anti-gay groups for coming out on national television…and I don’t need any more.

    And yes, I do events. Big deal! Meeting LGBTQA individuals at a club and talking to them about the issues (if they ask), or grabbing a drink and taking a picture…how is that a crime? The bigger my audience, the bigger impact I have when trying to spread the message that there is an entire population of people in this country that are denied the very basic rights of other heterosexual individuals. And I AM in this category… So you want a motive? Here you go! I WANT to marry a man when I’m older. I WANT my LGBT friends to be able to serve in the military without fear of being fired. I WANT to serve openly in a job without the fear of being fired for putting a picture of me and my boyfriend on my desk. Is that too much to ask? Why must you be so negative to everything you don’t fully understand!?

    And I’m not doing this event as some publicity stunt. I’m doing it because Northern Colorado (my college town) needs some exposure to these very important issues… and the money raised through donations is all going to the LGBT club of my college in the name of an LGBT friend that committed suicide a month ago. So there you go. Judge if you’d like… but I’m going to walk away from my computer now and try and go out there to make a difference, rather than trying to S*** on other’s ideas.
    I wish you the best in your efforts, and that you will see the harm that you are doing in shooting down other people that are pro-equality.

  • Kyle

    Good luck and thank you Mike!

  • AndrewW

    @MikeCManning: I simply asked if HRC was effective. Your answer was “they’re taking me around to speak.” Enjoy your travels, that should be fun.

    I conclude from your comments that you don’t actually believe HRC is effective. I guess if any of us donate to HRC, it would help pay your travel expenses. Do you have to share a room with Joe?

  • glasshouses

    …civil conversation… going, going,….

  • wjr

    Give Mike a break – he is trying to do some good and you just have to ridicule him for it.

    Quit being so negative and try to support those who are trying to make a difference!

  • Madeleine

    At least Mike is doing something with the fame he recieved from the show. Rather than nitpicking and criticising his efforts, how about we applaud him for trying to make a difference? And even if it was just for attention, it’s still more than what a lot of people are doing. Thank you Mike, keep being awesome.

  • glasshouses

    “The money raised through donations is all going to the LGBT club of my college in the name of an LGBT friend that committed suicide a month ago.”

    I am sorry for your loss. The fact that this same situation is so commonplace among GLBT youth alone should give us pause to think about how to proceed to create change. If some multicolored duct tape and signs can raise awareness and help (through the efforts of Mike, HRC, that dogwalker I saw on 77th, the Man in the Moon, who/whatever), than so be it. Again, appreciation and support for such efforts of awareness and change should be the norm.

    In taking note from Terriwill, this circular firing squad ironically gets old.

  • soul_erosion

    Behind you all the way, Mike. Thanks for all your effort, it’s appreciated & glad you’re on our side. And good luck in all your future endeavors.

  • paulie0325

    What exactly is your site doing that is having a positive impact?
    What are you doing to get ENDA passed? Repeal DADT? You “guys” sound like a harem of old queens and box office bitches. Yes. IT IS the under 30 crowd that is our future, not just for LGBT but for so much crap going on today.And I’m an over 40’s guy who has great hopes for the under 30 crowd and what they can accomplish. It’s bad enough we’ve got the right wing nut jobs hacking away at us. What, Are we going to do? eat our own now??
    I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you guys PROMOTE Mike’s site instead.
    That way, maybe we can take a step farther. And to Scott in NY: Mike Manning came across as very articulate and original because he obviously is. If it’s motivation and activism we want, my money is on him.

  • Reality Check

    @MikeCManning: Most of the events you do are just to help bars make money selling drinks. Seems like your message is not clear. Come to some bar and get drunk because I will be there drinking is not sending a positive message. Neither is hiding behind the BISEXUAL label, that lets be honest people say BI because they are only willing to come half way out of the closet. Trying to represent Christians and Gays at the same time is really working against you as these 2 groups are like oil and water. If NOH8 didn’t want you to use their sh!t, why use their shit anyways and change it slightly… If you want credibility you need to come out of the closet, ditch the Christians and come up with original ideas and stop selling booze. most of your “supporters” have nothing more to say to you than “You are hot” and “you are cute”

  • Jason

    He is hot, young and willing to help a cause.

    All the members of the BOQB should just lat the fuck off and go be BOQ somewhere else.


  • terrwill

    @MikeCManning: Mike kudos for your stand. And you have no do no ‘splaing about doing events. If there is quick money for you to make for spending a few hours at a bar, you owe no one an explanation, grab it! I bartended thru college. One night the A/C went out and I spent most of the night with my shirt off. When counting my tips that night, I made double my usual take. From then on I was always withtout a shirt while working. You know the only ones who gave me crap about it?? The ones wouldn’t take their own shirts off in a freaking pitch black room because they have boobs down to their belly button on front and a forrest that Smokey the Bear would get lost in on the other! Same ones who will give you crap for making an appearance at a bar……….

    You’re gonna run into a lot of asshats who have a lot to say sitting in their basement apartments behind the keyboards, but do absolutley nothing for the cause…….You may not even realize who much RR has an effect on teens. My roomate in college was from South Carolina, son of a fire breathing fundamentalist preacher man. Kyle spent every Sunday hearing his father spew vile poo against the Gays.
    When I first walked in the room and we met, he told me his background and I was figurin that this was going to be the quickest roomate rejection in history. His reply after I told him I was Gay? He said “I got no problems with you Gays, I seen lots of them on the Real World” He also told me he never met a Gay person before. I advised not that he knew of : p
    We became good friends and lived together for four years…

    You’re good people Mike, never let the bastards get you down.

  • Scott Stevenson

    Why can’t everyone look at the bigger picture here? Adam Bouska did this campaign to raise funds and awareness about marriage equity and equity for the same sex couples; specifically highlighting the impact Prop8 had on California same sex couples. Theres no reason why LGBT community should not capitalize on Mike’s activism and unite on the principles that started the campaign in the first place. Am I wrong here?

  • Jason



    Please don’t allow the negative comments here to deter you from your work, I really like the idea of people standing up for their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, their parents or friends as reasons they want to end hate, we need to show people that we are apart of families and that we are more than what they see on TV or told of in their churches.

    I am 25 and watched the Real World this season because of you, I think that the work you are doing with HRC is very helpful, some people don’t like HRC but aren’t doing anything to contribute.

    Keep up the good work trying to bring light to the many injustices LBGT people still face everyday across our country.

  • Mike

    Mike – please keep doing what you are doing! I, as a gay male, certainly appreciate it. There are too many out there that are against us making any progress (AFA, GOP, FOX), we def don’t need those who are LGBT to be against us, that would only make the struggle for equal rights that much more difficult. Haters – don’t be such hypocrites.. You are only be counterproductive..
    Thanks Mike for your dedication!!!! Good luck!

  • edgyguy1426

    If Mike is bringing additional exposure to the cause that other people unfamiliar with the NOH8 project, then it’s a positive thing. No matter how many positive numbers you add together, you’re not going to come up with a negative…there might be some question as to originality, but nothing’s new under the sun.
    But if the idea is..
    ‘I want to End Hate___’ and then write something about their own lives. (i.e. For my brother, because of my mom, because it’s wrong, etc.)” that’s gonna be a huge honkin piece of tape! I volunteer Terrwill’s mouth if he hasn’t done so already.

  • edgyguy1426

    It’s kind of like a twofer!

  • JT

    @Scott in NYC: OR….he could take grammar lessons from you.

  • Scott

    This is dumb. Since when does taking photos of yourself end hate? Mike is an actor? REAL WORLD was supposed to be “reality”. Sounds like someone doesn’t want to snap back to reality.

  • Kieran

    We need more Mike Mannings on TV for the simple reason that it upsets straight peoples’ stereotypes and disturbs their comfort zone of who and what gay people are. Far too many Americans think “Gay” is somebody like Richard Simmons prancing around looking for somebody to slap. Mike Manning is a direct assault on those stereotypes and it leaves straights pondering…..if Manning is gay (or bisexual, whatever) maybe my Dad, brother, cousin, Uncle, boyfriend, husband is too….

  • AndrewW


    Well said, both of you.

    We need to encourage anyone who is willing to “come out” and be proud of it. I hope Mike’s story continues because it’s this type of sharing that can change minds.

    I raised the issue of HRC’s effectiveness because of Mike’s recent experience working there. He chose not to answer that question and it’s understandable – he’s still working with them. Fair enough.

    While I share the belief that HRC is almost completely ineffective, it doesn’t mean that I do nothing. Many of us gave up on HRC years ago, recognizing they were inept and that there wasn’t a “political solution” to our equality.

    There are many ways to effect change – the most important way is to change the cultural conversation and to get people to join us. I hope Mike’s projects add to that equation.

  • atypicalG

    Is it cool for a 22-year-old to call a 22 (23?)-year-old naive?

    From what I could tell on RWDC, Mike really just started coming out last summer. I just started coming out a year and a half ago. I understand how good it feels to be involved. He’s so lucky he had the real world to use as a way to get his name out there. I think it’s great that he wants to be such an activist.

    But he is clearly plagiarizing. And he doesn’t take that criticism very well. If he wants to get involved, he should get involved. Claiming Queerty and its readers are creating a rift in the Gay community because of this issue is ridiculous. He’s creating the rift. He’s attempting to create what could end up being a rival campaign to NoH8.

    I think if Mike wants to really make a difference and a name for himself he should take his ideas to Adam Bouska. Or come up with something unique. Working together is how we can get things done.


    What’s funny about so much of this chatter is not to mention the elephant in the room: we failed to stop PROPOSITION 8 in California from passing {mainly because other minorities refused to help us; they’ll take our help, but not help us and u know who I’m talking about}; it passed and the NoH8 campaign in my opinion is a flop; it just reminds us of our failure….what Mike is trying to do is take it to another step that includes some positive, possibly more successful effort! Also, Mike is already a star; I love MTV REALWORLD and have seen them all from Eric Nies to Pedro Zamora, etc….Mike make the DC show one of the best; his 15 minutes happened a 1,000 hours ago….maybe he’ll end up on those competiton shows, but at least he’s trying to make some sense out of the mess we older gays have made!

  • Joel


    Ummm, Richard Simmons has never ever said he is gay. So I don’t think most Americans think gays are like Richard Simmons. Until he comes out Richard is as straight as Ricky Martin was 2 months ago, Adam Lambert a year ago and Rosie O’Donnell a decade ago.

  • Tylertime


    “I WANT to marry a man when I’m older.” says Mike.

    So is Mike no longer bi? Is this his acknowledging that he is gay. Where is the mention of possibly marrying a woman?

    I don’t beleive Mike is writing on this blog. I have a feeling that HRC in an effort to reach people has probably hired someone to scour blogs and pose as Mike. Even if you have over plucked eyebrows, being a 20 something gets the older gays (with money) listening more than Joe Solmonese. I don’t think most of the guys on this blog would even be posting on behalf of “mike” if they weren’t popping woodies for him.

  • Jasun

    Why is everyone treating this guy like he’s some sort of celebrity because he is/was on The Real World?

    I don’t care if this sounds cynical, but “No H8” campaign (complete with it’s white background, duct tape over the mouth, and letters scrawled across the airbrushed face) has become akin to a ‘flavor of the month’ designer label, with the activist message quickly being swallowed by the bandwagon publicity the participants know they’ll stand to get from aligning with it. In other words, the whole thing is becoming tacky and disingenuous.

    This Mike guy strikes me as someone who became a “Real World gay” for the sake of TV time and blog reaction. Caricatures like him were interesting back in 1993, but in 2010 it’s just trite and very predictable.

  • Scott

    He made ‘Team Mike’ T-shirts and now a ‘I Want To End Hate___” campaign. Just what the world needs. Whats next, a “I Was On RWDC and All I Got Was This Team Mike T-Shirt’ t-shirt? Bumper stickers? He’d be better off with a ‘NO M8’ campaign.

  • paulie0325

    Are Sarah Palin and Glen Beck writing some of these? This is right up their alley. Some of these hateful attacks sound like jealousy.
    And please. Get off of the whole “he’s full gay and not really Bi” kick. This is all too prevalent in the gay community. It makes us seem petty, childish and insecure. Here is a goodlooking, intelligent, athletic young man, school jock, who came out to millions of people on national tv at the risk of losing his friends, subject to ridicule, and alienating the rest of his family. And he came out proud of it. If he wanted attention on the show, there were much safer things he could have done to get it. Read his face book fan’s comments and see the influence he has had on young gay people who can’t get the courage to come out and live their life. Just read what they say and see what he’s done for them. Then reflect on what you’ve done for others in the same boat and see if you still want to run this kid down. Grow up!

  • depfox

    @MikeCManning Welcome to Queerty we at Gay Family Values are glad to see you put up against the wall And fired on for fighting for Equality. Don’t worry you are in good company ;O)


  • Zacke


    Yes! I completely agree with you. This bi-phobia nonsense needs to stop. How will we ever get the support of straight people if we can’t accept our own LGBT brothers and sisters?

    I think he used his time on the Real World well, and showed us how easy it is to get out there and make a difference. Coming out to his mother was also a special moment, and I’m glad he was able to share that with us.

    The End Hate thing sounds fine to me, the only similarities to the NOH8 campaign would be the tape, I guess. But End Hate could just omit the tape, and use the sign instead. But I don’t think they’re too similar if you think about it.

  • Mike Willemsen

    The only bullshit I see here is your hate. Even if it is his fifteen more minutes you don’t need to hate on something or someone that it helping out. Thank you mike. Don’t listen to this shit.

  • Hilarious

    I’ve never laughed so hard at internet bickering in my life.

  • terrwill

    How ’bout this??? To all those who are diggin real deep into the hate buckets to and taking gulps of Haterade to spew towards Mike……..Can you pretty please post all the actions you have undertaken in behalf of furthering the causes for the Gays???? I would be willing to bet a fairly large sum that most of ya never even put your fat fingers to a keyboard to send an e-mail in behalf of a Gay cause, yet you can sit there and anytime someone decides to do something positive do do nothing but toss hate their way…..Millions of Gay teens watch RR, Mike had the balls to come out on national TV and show them that you can have a positive experience comming out and it’s important to become active in the cause. Poll after poll shows the acceptance of all things Gay increases dramatically as the age of the respondents decreases. We need more people like Mike to get involved, who has a built in base of teens both Gay and straight who are familiar with him and respond to him, who is willing to take his 15 minutes and turn it into something postivie…………..I sometimes cyberwander into rightwing nutbag lunatic sites, the shit being tossed at Mike would be very welcome over there…….Maybe some of you should do everyone a huge favor and start posting your hate over at those sites………….

  • Scott in NYC

    Mike…I can see where my earlier post was harsh. I apologize for it. In the end, you are leveraging your fame to do something nobody would debate is good for our community. Nobody should step on that, least of all me. It’s easy to leave a snarky comment when the subject of said comment is not going to see it. Much different when he does. Again, it was harsh and unfair, and I apologize for it.

    That being said, let me say that I don’t think it’s very productive for you to respond to any comment that is not 100% positive as if the person providing it is some sort of horrible person, or part of a pro-hate agenda. Given that most of us commenting on the site are gay, that is a somewhat remarkable accusation. The suggestion that the campaign you are initiating is admirable but a copy of one that exists happens to be accurate. If you’re going to thrust yourself into the public domain, a remark that mild could spur an interesting debate or a moment of clarity…it should not be a platform for you to go on the attack.

    As a publicist, one who has done pro-bono work for gay causes/events numerous times in the past, be prepared for the easy criticism (coming from expected enemies like National Organization for Marriage, Focus on Family, etc.) and the difficult criticism (coming from within your own ranks and articulated by people with whom you share goals). Nobody is above either…not even you.

    There seems to be a mantra in all these comments…either show kneejerk support or immediate negativity, neither of which is any good. I think what’s most important is that everyone think critically about an issue, be objective, offer a good argument and be prepared to say “I’m wrong” when appropriate. Telling everyone who doesn’t say “Mike, you’re great!” is a hater, promoting hate, drinking the Haterade, etc…might be fun…but it’s completely anti-intellectual and in the end is counterproductive in promoting your agenda or achieving your goals. I have read all the comments to this point and there are plenty with worthy criticisms…ones that should be considered and/or debated but not dismissed.

    Saying they are shooting down your “Pro-Equality” agenda is simply childish.

  • Dawson

    Anything that helps our cause–actor, reality star, bar events draws attention to our cause. How is this a bad thing?

    The real dumb thing is taking these hateful comments seriously. There will always be someone in every family that will say something to get attention. The same people who have done nothing positive with their lives. Some people in our community call them bitter queens. I happen to agree. If you have fought for gay rights you know that anything positive is helpful. What some of these comments remind me of is a first grader wanting attention. That is all it’s about. Otherwise they would try to help with the cause that we are all fighting for–To live our lives openly and freely with the same rights as everyone else.

    How dumb is it to find fault in this man when we have real enemys to fight. This tea party nonsense is what we should be fighting. These tea party supporters want to take away any gay rights we have won. And if you listen to their vitriol you will see how frightening they are. Not because what they say makes any sense but rather because there as so many fools who believe them. And their position is unyeilding. Unless you support them 100% you are their enemy. How different are they from Hitler? They are not going to compromise. It is their way or no way. Guns, Gays and God. It worked before.

    It is like this nonsense about socialism. What do these fools think medicare and SSI are? If the tea party wants the government out of their lives why don’t they sign a pledge that they will give their medicare and SSI back? (remember SSI is different from SSA)

    So let’s fight the real enemy and support those who would want to help our cause. Mike is an example for us. Let’s stop looking for a secret agenda when we have bigger issues to fight.


  • Madeleine

    @Reality Check: Judgemental much? some people actually are bisexual, and you should learn to accept that.

  • paulie0325

    @Scott in NYC: You started out great with the apology but then finished by calling him childish.
    The problem with these criticism is that they go after the person and not the issues. His critics attack his motives without even knowing him. They question his sincerity. Based on what?? One of the above critics said that he became gay for the show. Another blasts him for talking about his Christianity and that this somehow is not compatible with someone who is gay.
    Maybe Mike has become sensitive to these attacks. I can only imagine some of the real anti-gay hate threats he might have received from some right wing hate groups and probably not going to talk about it. We really should think about what we say when we attack someone. I remember how sickened I felt when I heard about what happened to another college student named Matthew Shepard and I saw the photos. I can never forget that. Let’s pray that never happens again. Mike Manning seems like a really well intentioned good guy who is taking a stand for the mutual cause of all of us. Let’s at least appreciate that.

  • Scott in NYC


    I appreciate your post. I started off with an apology because I meant it and I ended with calling Mike’s remark (not he, himself) childish becuase I meant it. Both can exist without contradiction in the same post.

    I don’t support the comments you mentioned (who would?) but I do think the ones dealing with HRC funds distribution and drinking tied to gay causes are worthy of discussion, not being immediately dismissed. Would you disagree?

    I appreciate the tenor and content of your post, but comparing a few mild comments to a brutal murder is reaching, to say the least.


    JEEZUS H. CHRIST PEOPLE! What is your damage Heathers?

    Mike, you seemed like a cool (if rather quiet) guy at Higlander. Sorry we didn’t get time to get to know each other better. Here’s the dealio, Fuck These Bitchez. Do whatever it is that you do and I hope you do end up very famous. At least with you we won’t have to wait 10 + years for you to “come out” (Ricky). Somewhere some Gay kid is looking at you and saying, “I’m like that Guy, I’m ok with being Gay.”

    Quick story: When I was thinking I might be Gay, all I ever saw was Leather guys and assorted angry Lesbians. I KNEW I wasn’t that. On my 18th birthday my high school friends and I ended up at the only place that was 18 and over, The Odyssey on Beverly Bl in L.A.. WELL, as soon as I walked through that door and look across the dance floor at all of the people my age who were obviously (even to my West Covina ass) Gay, I was THRILLED! I knew I could be ME and GAY!


  • paulie0325

    @Scott in NYC: Scott
    Your points are well taken and not without merit and I was not trying to compare these comments to the brutal murder although it did sound that way. Sorry about that.
    My concern is certainly not with negative comments from people on a basically friendly site. My concern is with real hate crimes against gay people. It may not be as big a concern where we live, NYC and Chicago, but more rural places, maybe like where Mike lives. I thought he made a comment in which he implied that he received some hate threats and I hope that isn’t true. I guess the main point I am making is that being gay, we have all suffered at some point in our life with acceptance from those we care about and acceptance of ourselves. Barney Frank made a great comment on Jay Leno last night. With regard to discrimination in the black community he said, “A black kid never has to confront his parents and let them know that he is black.” This is unique to our community. All I’m saying is that anyone who can do something to make our lives better, easier and happier, let’s support him. We’re all on the same team.

  • Jeff

    @Jasun: I completely agree, Jasun. He’s trying to hang on to his 15 minutes of fame. I’m all for advancing LGBT causes, but when it’s coopted by pursuits of fame and fortune like Mike is attempting, I have very little patience. Mike, just admit that your time is done and you need to join the rest of the masses. You are NOT an actor and you are NOT a celeb. You are just some kid who happened to get on the Real World and everyone will forget who you are by July. Good luck coping…

  • Hilarious

    @paulie0325: There’s no comparison to being black and being gay. It’s apples and oranges.

    You may not have to “come out as black”, but you deal with a ton of other bullshit off the bat from people you don’t even know just because you are black.

    There’s no rest period.

    One doesn’t diminish the other. Both have their issues. Neither should be ignored in favor of the other.

  • jeffree

    If Adam Bouska (spelling?) has a problem with Mike’s campaign, he can take that issue up with Mike. That’s between them, not for us to harp on about.

    Look, we may not agree with Mike’s tactics or alliegence to HRC, but he is TRYING to use his “fame”for good, not evil. His coming out as Bi/Gay on Real World was seen by many young people in similar situations.

    He is a newbie at both politics & lgb issues, but sure as he#L seems smart enough 2 learn from what ever mistakes he makes as he swims thru the shark infested waters of the deep (or is it shallow ?? Hmmmmm) murky world of gay activism.

    He has critics on the religious nutbaggy right trying to discredit him.

    Lets not join them in trying to tell him 2 STF Up, please.

  • Scott

    Jeffree we can harp about whatever we want! We can say whatever we want about a this ‘campaign’. Its really not the “hate” you all call it. Its called an OPINION. Be careful- when you limit opinions, you become the hater. I DO think Mike is trying to do all he can to help gay and bisexual people. Yay, let’s all start a NO H8-like campaign!!!!

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