Real World Lessons: How, Exactly, Do You ‘Out-Trans’ Somebody?


Was our love affair with The Real World: Brooklyn‘s JD a rush to judgment? The cute Miami dolphin trainer and rumored Anderson Cooper ex-lover was initially everything we wanted in a young gay guy: compassionate, cute, worldly, and a good head on his shoulders. And then, on last night’s episode, not only did he out transgender roommate Katelynn to Chet (known affectionately as “the blonde Mormon”) before she had a chance to, he also ranked new trans friend Angelique Ali (she was on American Idol!) as “the world’s number one transexual in the world” and that “Katelynn is like, nothing” compared to she. And then embarrassed roommate Devon by pushing her on stage for a sing off at Pete Wentz’s bar in New York Angels & Kings. Yes, JD was wasted.

Says Katelynn: “I feel very betrayed by JD, because that wasn’t his secret to tell.”

Did JD cross a line? Or was this all in good drunk fun?