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Real World‘s Chet: Don’t Blame Mormons For Prop 8


Tomorrow is the season finale of The Real World: Brooklyn, which means while we say goodbye to gay JD, transgender Katelynn, and hot Scott, we’re also getting rid of Chet Cannon, the Mormon always quizzing everyone about the sex he’s not able to have. So what’s the blonde tyke’s stance on how his Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints treats gays?

“A couple people take the LDS church for being anti-gay and they’re not at all,” Cannon tells the LAT. “They’re very pro-family, but they’re not anti-gay. … People want to get on the LDS church [for helping pass Prop 8]. They don’t even have enough members in California that the vote could be swayed. To isolate the LDS church and attack them is unfair.”

Beg to differ?